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Subscription service places your order today, then sends you an EMAIL INVOICE reminding you to “MANUALLY RENEW” your ORDER on the same date, the same quantity; every year.

Once order is placed, subscription can be changed to “Auto Renewal” under the “My Subscription” tab. This will automatically place the order for the same quantity on the same date every year and charge your credit card till expired; then remind you to update your credit card when it expires via email.

Subscription can be canceled anytime ONLY by YOU logging into YOUR account. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription if you no longer want Corte*Clean. If the order ships, you own it. NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS. Do not sign up for the subscription service if you don’t agree to these terms.

Make sure you order enough Corte*Clean® to clean at least twice yearly, Spring & Fall, or when stains occur.

The Corte*Clean® “Best If Used By:” date is approximately one (1) year from the purchase date.

Corte Clean 2.77lb bag has approximately 6 cups / caps of product.

At 1.5 cups / caps to 1 gallon of water Corte Clean makes approximately 4 gallons of product which covers up to 500 sq. ft. @ 125 sq. ft. per gallon.

At 2.5 cups / caps to 1 gallon of water it makes approximately 2.4 gallons of product which covers up to 300 sq. ft. @ 125 sq. ft. per gallon.


Key Features of Corte*Clean®…

  • Cleans all common stains in one cost effective product, with an emphasis on those caused by molds.
  • Generally costs less time, labor & money when proactively used at “least twice yearly, spring & fall or when stains occur”, once composites are thoroughly Corte Cleaned.
  • Doesn’t contain sodium hypochlorite, the active biocide in Chlorine Bleach, which isn’t scientifically proven for mold, can excessively bleach composites color & corrode structural metal decking hardware.
  • Will not generally bleach/fade/weather composites beyond what occurs naturally, as disclosed by most composite manufacturers; unlike sodium hypochlorite.
  • Non-Corrosive to Structural Metal Decking Hardware unlike non-compatible sodium hypochlorite & oxalic acid, the #1 SAFETY ISSUE in the decking industry!
  • No risk of accidentally mixing multiple non-compatible expensive laborious cleaning chemicals, to clean specific stains, such as sodium hypochlorite, oxalic acid, ammonia, etc. that can release toxic poisonous gas when used to cleaning specific stains from porous composites.
  • 100% Biodegradable making it Eco Responsible.


Corte*Clean® is for cleaning composites decks made from a mixture of visible plastic & surface wood fiber generally manufactured from the 1990’s till around 2015.


Corte*Clean® is NOT shipped outside the lower continuous United States, to PO Boxes, APO or FPO, Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or other US Territories.


Corte*Clean® does have a “Best If Used By” date, which is generally less than one (1) year from purchase date. Only the freshest product is shipped. Product used beyond this date is no longer provided a Guarantee or Limited Warranty; as it will likely fail.


Store new or unused Corte*Clean® in a ventilated area away from children, pets or anything living in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Climate controlled areas with low humidity at 75F. are best. Do not store in Garages, sheds, laundry rooms or anywhere temperatures fluctuate!


If you, or the person that will be using Corte*Clean® is not capable of reading, comprehending & carefully following the products label directions, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE! It will likely fail you. You won’t be happy with our proven product, as you are dealing with a serious known problem with composite decks, especially if you have previously used other cleaning chemicals or neglected to properly routinelyCorte*Clean® composites.


Please contact us you have any questions not covered on the website before purchasing Corte*Clean®. If we fail to answer, leave a message. We will call you back ASAP. We do not want any dissatisfied customers.


NOTE! Corte LLC Does Not Accept Returns of Corte*Clean®, so please don’t buy more than you need. You can always purchase more, when you need it. Failure to purchase enough Corte*Clean® and/or read, comprehend & follow its label directions is not a warranty claim. We reserve the right to change pricing.

Additional information

Weight 2.77 lbs


Corte-Clean® is only shipped to the Contiguous Lower 48 United States!

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Corte*Clean is only shipped via FedEx Ground.

Depending on the quantity of product ordered, your order may arrive in more than one package.

Delivers are generally made in 1 to 5 business days via FedEx® Ground.

Tracking #’s are provided automatically with every shipment.

You will receive a “CORTE*CLEAN® Order Tracking # & Info! READ Please!” email when your order ships.

Corte LLC Does Not Accept Returns of Corte*Clean®.

Corte*Clean® is shipped with Precautionary & Hazard Statements.


Corte*Clean® Label Directions PDF – Click Here.

Additional Information…

When used at Maximum Strength, a single 2000A bag of Corte*Clean® will generally clean approximately 300 Square Feet, with two (2) repeat applications, when stains are first noticed. 4+ scoops of Corte*Clean® powder per gallon of water is generally is generally necessary to clean composites of mold stains or other difficult to remove stains. MAXIMUM STRENGTH of between 4 to 5 scoops is  generally maximum water solubility unless distilled water is used.

Neglected or composites previously cleaned with other chemicals, especially those previously chlorine bleached with sodium hypochlorite will likely need additional Corte*Clean® to thoroughly clean. It’s always best to start out by purchasing one (1) Corte*Clean® 2000A bag of  for every 300 Sq. Ft., to see how many 10 Sq. Ft. sections of your composites it will clean.

Composites will generally require at least two (2) repeat applications of Corte*Clean® at MAXIMUM STRENGTH, to a properly prepped, thoroughly dry composite surface to thoroughly remove stains when first noticed. Additional repeat applications to thoroughly dry composites may be necessary to remove deeply saturated or rooted stains. Keep in mind, the longer one procrastinates properly Corte*Clean® composites, the more time, labor and expense it generally takes as the stains become deep set or below the surface, especially if other products have been previously used, specifically those that contain sodium hypochlorite and scientifically known to exacerbate common black or green molds.

Composites manufactured with dirty recycled wood fibers that “tannin bleed”, especially those made with dirty recycled plastic, that have been neglected or where other products have been previously used will generally require additional repeat applications  thoroughly dry composites to initially thoroughly clean the first time Corte*Clean® is used. This generally requires the purchase & use of additional Corte*Clean® 2000A bags to initially thoroughly clean 300 Sq. Ft. of composites. If stains are still visible, and/or Corte*Clean® is still turning dirty or discolored or yellowish “tannin bleeding” is still occurring, the composite(s) aren’t thoroughly clean & the application process must be repeated to thoroughly dry composites or you are likely wasting your time, labor & money.

If this is your first time using Corte*Clean®, you will likely need  twice (2X) as much Corte*Clean® to thoroughly clean the underlying dirty recycled plastic and tannin’s from the wood fibers of which most composites with mold problems are made, especially if they have been neglected, previously power washed or other cleaning products have been used, especially on a routine basis, specifically those that contain sodium hypochlorite in an attempt to clean mold which is scientifically known to exacerbate it’s growth. It may take 2 to 4+ applications of Corte*Clean® at maximum strength to thoroughly dry composites in direct sunlight between the temperatures of 65 F. to 85 F. when composites are allowed to expand/pours open.

Note: 6′ composite railing sections generally use approximately 75 square feet of Corte*Clean®, 8′ generally use approximately 100 square feet of Corte*Clean®.

If stains are still visible, especially when composites are wet, with water, or the Corte*Clean® is still turning dirty or discolored, one must repeat the application process. Failure to thoroughly Corte*Clean® composites is a waste of your time and money. If you aren’t willing to thoroughly Corte*Clean® composites, by following the Corte*Clean® label directions, please do not purchase our proven product. You won’t likely be happy.


Do not skip the final Corte Clean label direction which states “When Corte*Clean® no longer becomes dirty or discolored, it can be diluted & allowed to dry on weathered composite surfaces. Corte*Clean® is designed to continue to clean any time it receives moisture. A white residue may remain until thoroughly rinsed (use a brush if necessary). Thoroughly rinse prior to using.” The best way to thoroughly rinse is to apply before the composites receive moisture from rain. Skipping this final label direction if Corte*Clean® is no longer turning “dirty or discolored” but stains are still visible will result in product failure, as deep stains can take some time to come out as the deck receives moisture and may require additional applications.


Failure to thoroughly Corte*Clean® composites is a waste of time & money. Please do not purchase our proven product if you aren’t willing to purchase enough to thoroughly initially clean the composites, resulting in them generally staying clean for longer periods of time, and generally costing less time, labor and Corte*Clean® (money) to keep composites clean!

Routine Cleaning “at least twice yearly, spring and fall, or when stains appear”, as recommended by most composite manufacturers and on the Corte*Clean® label directions is necessary to keep composites clean, as they don’t magically stay clean on their own. A single 2000A bag of Corte*Clean® will generally keep approximately 500 Sq. Ft. clean, when used “at least twice yearly, Spring and Fall or when stains appear” or a total of a 1,000+ Sq. Ft. when used at the “up to 2.5 scoops” strength per “1 Gallon” of water strength. This is the Corte*Clean® strength that is generally necessary to keep composites clean when PROACTIVELY USED before stains occur. See how little you can proactively use to save. Some Corte*Clean® customers have reported they can keep up to 2,000 +/- Sq. Ft. of composites clean with a single 2000A bag when properly proactively used.

Composites located in climates that receive routine moisture may require additional routine proactive Corte*Clean® applications to keep composites clean, depending on the wood & plastic they are made, how they are used, what gets on them, routine moisture & climate they are located. Example: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter or when stains are noticed. The more frequently composites are initially generally Corte*Cleaned®, the less Corte*Clean® is used, the longer composites are known to stay clean.

Once thoroughly Corte*Cleaned®, and stains are no longer visible, it is CRITICAL that the final label direction is followed, especially when proactively used! Unfortunately, most choose to ignore or skip it??? It states “When Corte-Clean® no longer turns dirty or discolored, it can be diluted & allowed to dry on weathered composite surfaces. Corte*Clean® is designed to continue to clean any time it receives moisture. A white residue may remain until thoroughly rinsed (use a brush if necessary). Thoroughly rinse composite prior to using.” The longer the ugly white Corte*Clean® residue remains, the deeper it cleans/soaks into composites, the longer composites generally stay clean of all stains. It is always best to apply this final Corte*Clean® before natural moisture from lite rain & allow to naturally thoroughly rinse. Always thoroughly rinse prior to use by children, people, pets or anything living.

The ideal cleaning schedule & strength Corte*Clean® is used may be fine-tuned to your climate or when stains occur. Most composite manufacturers suggest cleaning at least twice (2X) per year, spring and fall, to start, but it is always best to proactively use Corte*Clean® 3 to 4 times the first year or two with problematic composites known for mold stains, if the goal is for composites to generally stay clean for longer while spending less. Generally, the more often composites are  initially Corte*Cleaned®, the less that can be mixed with a gallon of water to keep composites clean when proactively used to prevent deep stains.

Proactively Corte*Cleaning® composites, before stains become deep set or below the surface from seasonal heat & moisture, is the key to generally spending less time & money keeping composite clean. Corte*Clean® customers have reported that they can keep up to approximately 2,000 Sq. Ft. of composites clean with a single 2000A bag when proactively used. See how little Corte*Clean® can be used to keep composites clean in order to save. If stains are noticed, one is generally waiting too long to proactively routinely Corte*Clean®. Don’t procrastinate if you wish to generally save time, labor and money keeping your composites Corte*Cleand®.

Store new or unused Corte*Clean® in original re-seal-able packaging, away from combustible materials in dry, cool area out of direct sunlight, where children, pets, etc. can NOT access it. Climate controlled well ventilated areas with a consistent temperature & low humidity below 80 Degrees Fahrenheit but above freezing are best. Do not take Corte*Clean® on airplanes.

Corte*Clean® does have a “Best If Used By: date” that is approximately one (1) year from order date.

Do not order more Corte*Clean® than will be used within one (1) year, as it degrades over time & likely will not get composites clean.

Corte LLC does provide a GUARANTEE & LIMITED WARRANTY until the “Best If Used By: date”.

Corte*Clean® is a propitiatory cleaning chemical formula with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Corte LLC Does Not Accept Returns of Corte*Clean®.

See Corte LLC Store Policies before ordering!

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