Why is Corte-Clean® Better?

It is developed exclusively for cleaning composite decks, docks, and fences of stains caused by Mold & Mildew, Grease, Oil, Rust, BBQ and just about anything else staining a composite surface.

  • Less expensive than purchasing & using up to 5 other time consuming cleaning products for specific staining issues such as; mold, grease/oil, rust/tannin stains, etc.
  • No need to add expensive chlorine bleach.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Up to an 12 month shelf life if stored in dry, cool, area out of direct sunlight.
  • Non-Corrosive to structural metal decking hardware.


Photo of galvanized Simpson Strong-Tie® & Swan® Stainless steel screw, most commonly used in the constructions of composite decks.  These items were soaked in Corte*Clean® at maximum strength until all water has evaporated. Don’t try this with sodium hypochlorite and watch the metal dissolve. What do you think happens with sodium hypochlorite when used routinely “Spring and Fall”? NOT SMART!

Corte*Cleaned. Notice no black or red corrosion around screws.

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CORTE*CLEAN® is the proven solution for cleaning and inexpensively routinely maintaining composites of all common staining issues including mold & mildew stains, black spots, grease, oil, barbecue, tannin, leaf, pine needle, chalk, berries, sunscreen, olive oil, citronella candle oil, peanut butter, red wine, pet food, hard water, grass, ground in dirt, clay, brick, flower pot, rust, grime, green slime and most other stains that saturate the porous surfaces of most composites.