ALWAYS CALL listed RETAILER(s) to confirm Corte*Clean® is available prior to going to the store.

Due to COVID-19, Corte LLC is no longer pursuing selling brick & mortar retailers. Retailers occasionally sell out or forget to re-order while others wait for Corte*Clean® to be requested before they order it.  ALWAYS CALL RETAILERS prior to going to the store to confirm they have Corte*Clean® “IN STOCK” before going to a store. If the retailer does have Corte*Clean® “IN STOCK”  make sure that is not beyond its “Best If Used By:” date on the back of every bag! Like most cleaning chemicals, the fresher Corte*Clean® is, the better & faster it works, especially when using Corte*Clean® for the first time, cleaning neglected composites or those twhere other products have been previously used.

If Corte*Clean® is beyond the “Best If Used By:” date or is hard, and the product is not fluid, because it wasn’t properly stored, in a “dry, cool area out of direct sunlight”, DO NOT PURCHASE IT! You likely won’t be satisfied with its results! It will likely fail in cleaning composites!

Please let us know if any retailers are “out of stock”, refuse to get Corte*Clean® for you or try to sell you something else, as we are a small one product family run AMERICAN MADE business. Obviously, we wish Corte*Clean® was available at more retail locations, so please help us by requesting it at your local store. If no stores stock fresh Corte*Clean®, are unwilling to get it for you, you can BUY CORTE*CLEAN® NOW (CLICK HERE) with FREE SHIPPING, when ordering more than 2. Corte LLC ships only the freshest product available.

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