ALWAYS CALL listed RETAILER(s) to confirm Corte*Clean® is available prior to going to the store.

Due to COVID-19, Corte LLC is no longer pursuing selling brick & mortar retailers; HOWEVER SOME STILL STOCK & SELL Corte*Clean®. Retailers occasionally sell out or forget to re-order while others wait for Corte*Clean® to be requested before they order it.  ALWAYS CALL RETAILERS prior to going to the store to confirm they have Corte*Clean® “IN STOCK” before going to a store. If the retailer does have Corte*Clean® “IN STOCK”  make sure that is not beyond its “Best If Used By:” date on the back of every bag!

Like most cleaning chemicals, the fresher Corte*Clean® is, the better & faster it works, especially when using Corte*Clean® for the first time, cleaning neglected composites or those where other products have been previously used. If Corte*Clean® is beyond the “Best If Used By:” date or is hard, and the product is not fluid, because it wasn’t properly stored, in a “dry, cool area out of direct sunlight”, DO NOT PURCHASE IT! You likely won’t be satisfied with its results! It will likely fail in cleaning composites! Corte LLC does not provide a “Guarantee & Limited Warranty”, as stated on the bottom of every bag if beyond the “Best If Used By:” date because we know it likely won’t work.

Please let us know if any retailers are “out of stock”, refuse to get Corte*Clean® for you or try to sell you something else, as we are a small one product family run AMERICAN MADE business. Obviously, we wish Corte*Clean® was available at more retail locations, so please help us by requesting it at your local store. If no stores stock fresh Corte*Clean®, are unwilling to get it for you, you can BUY CORTE*CLEAN® NOW (CLICK HERE) with FREE SHIPPING, when ordering more than one (1). Corte LLC ships only the freshest product available which will have a “Best If Used By:” date approximately 1 year from being purchased directly from its website.

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