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Corte*Clean® is the #1 Recommended & Proven Single Solution for Deep Cleaning Composite Decks, Docks, Fences & keeping them clean! Say goodbye to mold & mildew stains, black spots, grease, oil, rust, tannin’s and more in one cost effective product.

Product Details

When used at Maximum Strength, a single bag of Corte*Clean® will clean approximately 300 Square Feet with two (2) repeat applications. Maximum strength of 4 to 5 Scoops of Corte*Clean® powder per gallon of warm 104 F. water is for cleaning composites of mold stains (black spots) or other difficult to remove stains from. Composites with deep stains generally require additional applications. Please consider purchasing double the Corte*Clean® for cleaning neglected composites or composites that haven’t been previously Corte*Cleaned®. Failure to thoroughly Corte*Clean® composites generally results in stains returning when composites receive moisture. If it is your first time using Corte*Clean®, make sure you have plenty to complete the job.

For Routine Cleaning, a single bag of Corte*Clean® will clean approximately 500 Square Feet, twice (2x) per year, Spring and Fall or when stains appear for a total of a 1,000+ Sq. Ft. This is what is generally necessary to keep composites clean year-round. Composites located in climates that receive routine moisture may require additional Corte*Clean® applications. Example: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. If stains are noticed, one is waiting too long to proactively Corte*Clean®.

Proactively Corte*Cleaning® composites, before stains become deep set or below the surface from seasonal heat & moisture, is the key to generally spending less time & money keeping your composite clean. The ideal cleaning schedule for for your composite may be fine-tuned. We suggest at least twice (2X) per year to start, however it is best to proactively apply Corte*Clean® before composites receive moisture. Do not skip the final Corte*Clean® label direction which states “When Corte Clean no longer becomes dirty or discolored, it can be diluted & allowed to dry on weathered composite surfaces. Corte Clean is designed to continue to clean any time it receives moisture.  A white residue may remain until thoroughly rinsed (use a brush if necessary). Thoroughly rinse prior to using.”


Key Features

  • Cleans all common stains in one cost effective product.
  • Prevents deep stains from occurring when routinely proactively used.
  • 100% Biodegradable making it Eco Responsible.
  • Non-Corrosive to Structural Metal Decking Hardware!
  • Will not generally bleach/fade/weather composites beyond what occurs naturally.
  • No need to purchase expensive, laborious sealers or other products.
  • Proven effective by thousands of customers, and hundreds of testimonials


Corte-Clean® is a cleaning chemical with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Corte-Clean® is shipped with Precautionary & Hazard Statements.

Corte LLC Does Not Accept Returns of Corte-Clean®.

See Corte LLC Store Policies before ordering!

Do not order more Corte-Clean® than will be used within one (1) year.

Corte-Clean® does have a “Best If Used By: date” that is approximately one (1) year from order date.


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Additional information

Weight 2.77 lbs


Depending on the quantity of product ordered, your order may arrive in more than one package. Corte LLC does not profit from shipping or handling. Delivers are generally made in 1 to 6 business days.. Taxes are not charged by Corte LLC if shipped outside CA. Tracking #’s are provided automatically with every shipment. You will receive a “CORTE*CLEAN® Order Tracking # & Info! READ Please!” email when your order ships.

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Corte-Clean is not shipped outside the Contiguous United States (Lower 48), to PO Boxes, APO or FPO. Corte*Clean is only delivered via FedEx Ground. Corte-Clean is NOT shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands or other US Territories. For delivery times, please see:

This map illustrates service schedules in business days for FedEx Ground shipments. Red is 1 day, blue is 2 days, orange is 3 days, green is 4 days, purple is 5 days. FedEx Ground doesn’t generally deliver on weekends or holidays. PLEASE NOTE, Corte Clean is NOT shipped to Alaska or Hawaii!


For complete instructions on proper use and handling of Corte*Clean, click here.

Additional Information

Corte*Clean® is designed to clean the tannins from the wood fibers or other dead organic matter from new composites that feed funguses, such as black mold, then soak into the porous surface of most composites and continue to clean any time it receives moisture, until thoroughly rinsed. This is the most effective method to keep composites clean for longest period of time. Always thoroughly rinse any remaining Corte*Clean® prior to allowing bare skin, children, pets, animals, or any person on the composite. When the composite is not being used, it is best to re-apply another coat of Corte*Clean®, especially before the composite receives moisture, and let the rain, morning dew, snow, ice, etc. naturally rinse it. Proactively applying Corte*Clean®, at least twice yearly, Spring and Fall, before stains occur, is the key to spending less time and money.

Composites with stains will generally require at least two (2) repeat applications of Corte*Clean® at MAXIMUM STRENGTH to a properly prepped, thoroughly dry composite surface to thoroughly remove stains when first noticed. Additional applications may be necessary to remove deeply saturated or rooted stains, especially if sodium hypochlorite has been previously used. Keep in mind, the longer one procrastinates properly Corte*Cleaning® composites, the more time and expense it generally takes.

If this is your first time using Corte*Clean®, you will likely need to purchase twice as much to thoroughly remove mold stains or other difficult to remove stains. To clean a seriously neglected mold stained 300 Square Foot composite, may require two bags of Corte*Clean® – allowing up to four repeat applications at maximum strength.

Note: 6′ railing sections generally require approximately 75 square feet of Corte*Clean®, 8′ railing sections generally require approximately 100 square feet of Corte*Clean®.

If you are unsure how much Corte*Clean® you need, or have any questions, please visit the Corte*Clean® corporate website at or contact us prior to placing your order. It is very important to ensure you have the right amount to complete the job and that you understand the process.

Corte*Clean® is most effective when it is fresh! This is why each bag of Corte*Clean® is made-to-order online, and available for auto-ship with the Routine Maintenance Program. Please do not order more than you will be using within 3 to 6 months, as Corte*Clean® has a “Best If Used By” date that is one year from the date of manufacture. Store new or un-used Corte*Clean® in original re-sealable packaging, away from combustible materials in dry, cool area out of direct sunlight. Climate controlled areas below 80 Degrees Fahrenheit but above freezing and are consistent in temperature are best.