The Goal

We started in with the goal of creating a cleaner that actually worked for cleaning composites, especially as it relates to common black mold stains. We had previously used common brand name deck cleaners, other cleaners, chlorine bleach and home remedies we found on the internet or that were recommended by composite manufacturers (thank god we did not poison ourselves) with little if any success in an attempt to clean common black mold staining for major composite manufacturers. They did not get the composites clean. We found that most cleaners only made mold staining and other common staining issues worse, especially when repeatedly used, as the mold never really went away, generally rapidly returned & other stains deeply saturated, exacerbating the problem while excessively bleaching composites beyond what most manufacturers disclosed! After some basic research, we quickly discovered the primary problem was the recommendation & use of sodium hypochlorite, against common mold remediation science. Other cleaning chemicals generally only broke down stains, but did not generally remove them, allowing them to deeply saturate, making them generally more difficult to clean. We were horrified of the dangers of accidentally mixing non-compatible cleaning chemicals, in the pours of most composites, after becoming sick cleaning a composite manufacturers decking, by following their cleaning chemical recommendations & noticing the corrosion these corrosive cleaning chemicals caused to structural metal decking hardware!

There Had To Be A Better Solution…

We then spent the next few years traveling around the United States, cleaning composite decks with different formulations, that were developed by several reputable chemical engineers, with over 40 years of designing & manufacturing cleaning chemicals (one who actually owned a TREX® deck) that biologically/chemically/scientifically understood the many problems sodium hypochlorite, oxalic acid & phosphate based products cause, in an attempt to resolve claims related to cleaning issues for a major composite manufacturers, when their customers & employees could not get & keep composites clean, especially after sodium hypochlorite was repeatedly used to clean common black mold.

The Birth of Corte-Clean®…

Eventually, we developed a proprietary, eco-responsible & non-corrosive to structural metal cleaner that resolved most common composite staining issues, especially those caused by black mold that were plaguing the industry! When composite owners started contacting & telling us how clean their composites became, of all common stains, how much longer their composites were staying clean, and  asking “where can we purchase your cleaner”, especially after trying multiple other products after using our formula, we formed Corte LLC, named our cleaner Corte-Clean®, after the town of Corte Madera, California & began selling our product. We would like to thank all the people & companies, such as, the Trex® Company, Lowe’s/A.E.R.T./ChoiceDek®, Fiber Composites LLC/Fiberon®/Home Depot® Veranda®, TimberTech®, and so many other manufacturer that have supported & encouraged our efforts, which helped us to prove our product. What we didn’t count on was Corte-Clean® working too well, cutting into companies profits by eliminating rapidly returning cleaning issues & the routine sale of multiple high margin cleaning chemicals to keep composites clean. We refused to pay kickbacks for endorsement of our product. Thankfully the internet blossomed, allowing us to get our story out and sell direct online to composite owners & through honest retailers that wish to help composite owners.


Our mission is to continue spreading the word about Corte*Clean® to composite owners & helping customers solve their cleaning issues.

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