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CORTE*CLEAN® is the proven solution for cleaning and inexpensively routinely maintaining composites of all common staining issues including mold & mildew stains, black spots, grease, oil, barbecue, tannin, leaf, pine needle, chalk, berries, sunscreen, olive oil, citronella candle oil, peanut butter, red wine, pet food, hard water, grass, ground in dirt, clay, brick, flower pot, rust, grime, green slime and most other stains that saturate the porous surfaces of most composites.

Dewy Jones
Rating: 3
3 /5 stars

Love Corte Clean for Trex

on 2016-04-29 20:29:44

Nothing else works for cleaning Trex of mold grease and other funk.


  1. Our test deck owner really liked the product when he used it.Director of Marketing

    GAFF / Elk

  2. I really appreciate your product and your concern for our environment. Thanks for every thing that you are doing to protect the environment.

    Earth Friendly Customer

  3. It worked! I’m very pleased. At a neighborhood party this spring neighbors were asking how I liked our new deck and my response was that I hated it because it had spots all over it that I couldn’t get clean. Now I’m telling my neighbors that I’ve changed my mind because of Corte Clean. I’ll be ordering more this fall. I went through two containers as our deck is 1,500 sq. feet. In addition to the mildew spots, it even got out grease spots that I thought were permanent. Again, I am extremely happy that I found your product.

    Trex Deck Owner

  4. Received the product, finished the deck and applied the product. Works Great! My contractor will be ordering this product and including the cleaner in his next new deck quotation. (Used Corte Clean to clean ChoiceDek) Thanks again
    Honolulu, HI- USA

  5. I did hear from Danny and yes he did use Corte Clean on his TimberTech deck. Danny thought it did a great job! The deck was quite dirty with lots of pollen and dirt from all the rain (typical of Mobile, AL summers). He was quite impressed by the product’s performance.

    Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford

  6. Thank you for bringing my deck back to it’s original beauty. I was ready to have the decking taken out and replaced. Having had the deck built only a year ago I was disgusted with the mold and the fact that it looked 10 years old! I tried several items sold locally which proclaimed to remove mold and found none worked. An internet inquiry on Google brought me to Corte-Clean. I only wish I had tried it first as I would have saved myself much grief and aggravation. Thanks for saving my deck from the wrecking ball!

    Gloversville, NY

  7. The deck is about 5 years old. Oddly, the mold showed up suddenly in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma in the Florida Keys. We came down to check the house(it is a vacation home) and were stunned by the black spots all over the deck. At first we thought it was tree sap from the wind. Corte-Clean made a huge difference and our deck looks great again. Thanks for everything.

    Trex Deck Owner

  8. I used the product on our Trex Deck and it did a beautiful job. The entire deck is all uniform in color and the black spots all faded away. Thanks and I’ll recommend your product to the Trex distributer. It was great doing business with you!

    Happy Homeowner

  9. I researched one morning, the best way to clean my Trex Decking. After reading several stories about what didn’t work, I decided to try Corte Clean because of the environmental concerns of other products. I am so happy we tried this product first. There are many stories of people who have tried other products and wasted so much time, money and effort! Our deck look FABULOUS! I am thrilled and will use this product and will use it every year!Small Business Owner

    Home Owner

  10. Great product. I used the it for the first time several weeks ago and my TimberTek deck looks brand new.

  11. Applied for less then 15 minutes. A light brushing and PRESTO. Looks like new. (Used Corte Clean To Clean TimberTech)
    – USA

  12. IT WORKED GREAT! My Trex looks as good as the day we installed it 3 years ago. As I had mentioned we get lots of rain during the winters here in Tacoma Washington and live close to the bay and the salt water so it is hard to keep the Trex looking good. Our deck is 72 feet long and 3 1/2 feet wide with a 16 by 24 foot area at one end so cleaning it was an impossible job until I started using your Deck Cleaner. As an added note we have a white powdered aluminum railing running the length of the deck and your Corte cleaner worked great on it also and did not damage the metal. Again many thanks for your help… 5/2007

  13. I have a rather large deck and boat dock that I recently resurfaced with TimberTech. The deck is in redwood T&G with the railing kit, and the dock is in the 5/4″ cedar planks. They both turned out great. However, they both started to show black mold after about 4-6 months. I think a lot of reason for the mold is that I live in Missouri which has high humidity and the house is surrounded by trees. Mold and mildew is a constant problem on anything outside. After searching for a cleaner, I found Corte Clean on the Internet and gave it a try. It did a great job on cleaning the surface areas and was very easy to use. The railing was a little more of a challenge as it tended to leave a milky residue if it wasn’t completed washed off. I ended up using a power washer for the final rinsing. I found Corte Clean to exceed my expectations.

    Huttig Building Products Director, Business Applic

  14. Received, and used on deck, seems to have worked great! (TREX deck owner) 8/10/07
    Lihue, Hawaii – USA

  15. Managers….. Finally, a product developed for cleaning composite decks WITHOUT all of the harsh chemicals needed to remove mold, mildew and other troublesome stains. The product is biodegradable and is eco-friendly around plants and water. This product is actually endorsed by TREX and other brands. Watch your mail for a color brochure about this amazing product! Thanks, Dick Platner Merchandise Manager 3020 Willamette Drive NE Lacey, WA 98516 6/20/07 Merchandise Manager (ALL Lumbermens Stores)
    Lacey, WA- USA

  16. If anyone is interested in selling a composite deck cleaner that actually works call me. Corte Clean works, I used it on my in-laws 5 year old (TREX) deck and it looks great. Rich Shanley (Largest Trex Distributor) 9/24/07Composite Global Mgr.
    Billerica, MA- USA
    BOISE Building Materials Distribution

  17. I think it’s a good product for regular maintenance/cleaning. I would be happy to recommend your product for cleaning decks after install. (Used Corte Clean to clean his Trex deck, Trex Distributor) 5/7/08 Trex Product Mgr.
    Suwanee, GA- USA
    U.S. Lumber

  18. I USE YOUR PRODUCT MYSELF & LOVE IT! (Correct Deck Owner) Sales
    St. Charles, IL – USA
    The Deck Yard (888) 513-6001

  19. Product is working well on ChoiceDek , just in case you want to pass on to anyone.
    St. Clair Shores, MI- USA

  20. I used Corte Clean on my Trex deck yesterday and was very pleased with the results. Thank you.

  21. I have used your product in the past and was happy with its performance. You guys really do have a great product!
    Oakbrook Terrace, IL- USA

  22. I think your product is amazing. I found you on the Internet, and then found a store 40 minutes away that carried Corte Clean. I was so impressed with your willingness to stand behind your product. I was asked by the business I bought the 1st one from to call and give him feedback since he had just started carrying Corte Clean. I will call him today and let him know how great it is and encourage him to continue to carry it. I hope I can get some stores closer to my home to carry it too! I will sing your praises to anyone asking about deck maintenance and cleaning. Again, thank you, (Used Corte Clean to clean TimberTech)
    Cold Spring, KY – USA

  23. When the Trex deck at our hotel gets dirty with tough to remove stains, we have found Corte Clean to safely resolve them better than anything else. Ashworth By The Sea (800) 345-6736Maintenance
    Hampton Beach, NH- USA
    Ashworth By The Sea

  24. (Used Corte Clean to clean his TREX decking and now sells it at his store in Ontario, Canada)
    – Canada
    Triad Tool Co. Ltd

  25. Hello, Thank you for providing all the great information and such a great cleaner for composites.

  26. I had tried several of the deck cleaners available through my home center only to be very disappointed in how they performed on my 1 year old Trex decking. The Corte Clean easily outperformed all the others I tried. I did not need the use of a pressure washer or did it require anything other than mild scrubbing with a deck brush. After seeing a You-Tube clip on Corte Clean I ordered 6 lbs and was pleasantly surprised as it worked exactly as described. All without using harsh chlorine bleach! Something we very much wanted to avoid around our lawn, flowers and landscape. An eco-friendly product that out performs in terms of ease of use and cleaning performance! Kind Regards, Mike West Chester, OH Home Owner
    West Chester- USA

  27. Aloha, Corte Clean did a fine job on our lanai, neglected in absentia 6 or more months.
    – USA

  28. Thank you for such a great product!!! After one year our Trex deck had so many black spots, after such a large investment we were reluctant that anything would restore its original beauty. Corte Clean far exceeded our expectations, we are thrilled with the results. Every hardware store and Home Depot is hearing from us and begging them to supply Corte Clean. Thanks for making our deck back to its original looks. M. Yager Ronkoknkoma, NY
    Ronkoknkoma, NY- USA

  29. I used Corte Clean and it really worked as stated. We had a party and everyone was saying how clean the deck was. I even mentioned to my neighbor who has a composite deck that he should buy your product. He tried power washing his deck and said it left white spots. I sure wish you sold this stuff at the major stores like Menard’s, Lowe’s etc. I think it would sell like crazy as nothing else I know of cleans this well and is easy to use. I am glad I found this product.

  30. I’ve received and used your product. It worked excellent but under two conditions. 1.) Use ONLY as instructed, i.e., full sunlight, keep wet, no water, etc. 2.) And full strength. Point 1 (one) you clearly made it clear that any deviation from this would result in lesser results… and it was true. Point 2 For the area that got no sun, I had to go full strength too. I just wanted to say that it worked as you said it would. Unfortunately, I will probably need another 6 lbs. Sincerely, T. Kamson

  31. I just finished cleaning my gray Trex deck today with Corte clean and it looks just like the day it was installed. I highly recommend this product to anyone who owns a Trex deck, especially if they live in a brutal climate like Western MA.

  32. After trying three other products and spending unnecessary amounts of money and time, I found Corte Clean. It works like it says it does. I subscribe to the K.I.S.S. method. Keep It Simple Stupid!! On their “You Tube” there is a video of it working. There’s no salesman telling me that it will work or having to have to sell the cleaner. The video says it all. It gets the mold out. Plain and simple right before your eyes. Independence, KY
    Independence, KY- USA

  33. Hi Scott, Well, we used the Corte Clean following the directions on the can. The stuff is amazing! As you can see from the pictures, we had really bad black mold spots all over our Smart Deck composite decking. It is true — the stuff works the best in sunlight. I mixed 2 cupfuls of Corte Clean in a gallon of hot water, sprayed it on and let it sit 25 minutes, brooming it once after about 15 minutes, and sprayed on more mixture after brooming. You can see the color difference and how clean the deck became. I used all of the Corte Clean on a very dirty 14 ft x 16 ft deck, and ran out before I could finish the other 16 ft x 16 ft portion of my deck. So I am ready to buy more. Please stock this product! Once the word gets out, look out! It’s the ONLY PRODUCT I’VE FOUND THAT WORKS without bleaching the composite material. Thanks for the opportunity to provide this testimonial and I look forward to a bright-shiny deck from now on! Let me know when you get more product — I’d like to keep at least a 10 pound supply on hand. Thanks Corte-Clean, and thanks to The Deck Superstore for offering this product. Sincerely, P. Thompson, Centennial, CO 8/17/2008 SmartDeck Composite deck owner — deck installed in 2003 and this was the 1st time it actually came clean!

  34. You must return all of your other cleaners and grab Corte Clean because…… It actually works!!! Skip the gym for the day, grab your scrub brush and mixture of Corte Clean and get to work. Don’t think, however, you don’t need to scrub. You do. But, the great news is once you’ve done all this everyone will say, and I quote, “looks like brand new, mom.” Truly, I’m not making this up! I used another product, spend one half day on a 12X12 deck with only half of the mold removed. Was I depressed! I love this stuff so much I could sell it. That’s a true testimonial. stay at home mom, among other things


  35. Dear Corte Clean, I have tried your product and it has worked as promised, thank you. I have a 700 sq/ft Veranda deck from Home Depot. I am very pissed at HD at the moment. When I contacted Veranda/HD they only thing that they said is that I should use your product and to remove the source of the mold. As far as I’m concerned HD should pay you to provide me with a lifetime supply of your product. Thanks, D. Holt Mount Airy, MD

  36. I wish to thank you for this wonderful product.Yesterday, I cleaned my deck, either Trex or TimberTech, with Corte Clean and was amazed at how well it removed the mold spores (black spots) on the surface. What is the shelf life for this product? (Approx. 5 Years if stored in a cool, dry place with the lid securely fastened) I am ready to order more if it can be stored for a period of time . Thanks again for this awesome product. Raleigh, N.C.
    – USA

  37. In July 207 I installed a 24’x16′ square foot Trex deck (a replacement of the existing wood deck ) that is accessible by double French Doors off the kitchen and extends past the 8’w x 6’h casement windows by the Family Room. It is a beautiful setting and highly visible from inside the house. It was a $7,000 investment and I went with Trex mainly because of their longevity in the business. It was a beautiful addition until this summer of 2008, only one year after installation. Mold started appearing and ended up covering the entire deck and steps with in a couple of weeks. During this time I tried several products at the recommendation of Trex and Home Depot. None of these products did any good. In fact these products did not remove any of the mold. The appearance of the deck was becoming very depressing and the mold was getting worse every day. Meanwhile my wife was searching the Internet for information and she began to read that your product, Corte-Clean, worked. I ordered a three pound container and it worked very well. I then ordered another six ponds to finish the deck with and it worked very well. also, the mold was gone in the matter of a couple of evenings work. You can’t imagine how important this was to our well being since the other products were not working, the mold was terrible to look at and I was considering tearing off the deck. Thanks so much for your help! M. Sharp Davenport, IA
    – USA

  38. Hi! I installed a Trex deck 2 years ago. Last fall I noticed mold on the deck as we ended the season. Last Spring I was told by my deck installer to contact Trex. The local Trex rep told me that they would send me a can of “Trex Deck Cleaner”. Meantime, independent of my conversation with Trex, I found your product online and ordered two 3 lb cans. Got and used it and it worked EXTREMELY well! I was thrilled! The deck was CLEAN of all mold very quickly and the first appication. C. Adams

  39. Used Corte Clean yesterday on my timbertech deck steps which were covered with black spots – I had given up hope. WOW–AMAZING, they look brand new. I am an inpatient person, so I wet (not recommended unless Corte Clean is what he wet the composite with) the steps and sprinkled the Corteclean powder on the steps, used a brush, let it set for 5 minutes, then rinsed. My steps were so bad, I had to do it 3 times on each step, but boy was it worth it. I highly recommend this product.

  40. My husband and I just cleaned our deck with Corte Clean. We happily watched the black spots on our deck disappear. Every deck board looks beautiful. In addition to this great eco-friendly product, we received super customer service when ordering and discussing Corte Clean with the owners of the company.

  41. I installed a $70,000 Trex deck because I believed it was “No Maintenance”, paying approx. 3X mor than wood. I purchased this material because I use to own a deck maintenance company that manitained wood decks for approx. 5 years. I did not want to maintain my own deck. Within the first year I began to notice black mold spots all over my deck and grease stains from a steak that I barbicued. I quickly learned that claims of “No Maintenance” were not true. I then tried to clean my Trex deck with common deck cleaners and chlorine bleach that were and still are recommended by Trex. It made me sick to my stomach when they did not work after wasting valueable time and money purchasing and using these toxic, corrosive products. I eventually found Corte Clean on the “Trex Mold Technical Bulletin” and requested the product at “Ace Hardware at Lake Gaston” in North Carolina with Bill Owens (252) 586-0330. He got the Corte Clean for me and told me that “he had been looking for a product that actually worked for cleaning composites because his customers were reporting that the cleaners he currently carried did not.” (His customer service was excellent!) When he got the Corte Cleaner in, Bill called me and I purchased it. I then carefully read and followed the Corte Clean label directions. It worked exactly how the label described and I reported my results back to Bill! I am now recommending Corte Clean to all my friends who own Trex and other brands of composite decks and letting them know where to get it. I have only one question for Trex… Why would Trex not be up front about the need to clean Trex with Corte Clean a couple of times a year instead of recommending toxic, dangerous, corrosive cleaning chemicals that do not work??? Although I am not happy that Trex is not “No Maintenance”, at least I now have a safe product that resolves my Trex cleaning issues and am now reolistic about the need to clean my Trex a couple of times per year. North Carolina

  42. I want you to know that I think your product is great. We have had our Trex deck for 3 years. Like everyone, I thought it was maintenance free. When we developed severe spots earlier this year, I spoke to the deck installer (Archedeck of South Nashville) and he recommended a Behr deck cleaning product. It did not work at all. I was about to file a formal warranty complaint against Trex, and then read their site about your product. I could not be happier with the results. I called my installer to tell them the results, and they wanted to know all the info about your product. My sense is that they will recommend CorteClean in the future. Again, thanks for making something that does what it claims!Deck Owner

  43. After calling the company following a failed attempt with the product, the company president returned our call and gave us a few detailed instructions. Two simple applications later our filthy deck has become perfectly clean. Great product. Terrific customer service. Seven Valleys, PaRetirees
    Seven Valleys, Pa- USA

  44. I used the Corte Clean composite deck cleaner last weekend for the first time. It cleans off mold and mildew well.

  45. I have been using Olympic deck cleaner that contained toxic sodium hypochlorite to clean my Trex decking, annually, for the last 5 years. I decided to give eco-friendly Corte Clean a try because I live near the beach in Washington State. Corte Clean cleaned stains and green moss from my Trex deck that the Olympic did not touch. The Corte Clean even removed the grease from spilled dog food! I highly recommend Corte Clean!

  46. Corte Clean worked great for cleaning the mold and other difficult to remove stains from my TREX Brasilia Cayenne and Burnished Amber colored decking. I tried other products before purchasing and using Corte Clean; without success. If you don’t want to waist your time and money, I highly recommend Corte Clean! This is why I signed up for their “Autoship” program and saved even more time and money. This way, the Corte Clean just shows up and reminds me when I need to clean my Trex deck. Leon K. Warren, OH
    Warren, OH- USA

  47. I am a Trex Gold Dealer. A customer came in with an empty can of Corte Clean after cleaning his Trex deck. He demanded I stock and sell him this product. I ordered a case and they added my store to the “Store Locator.” Within one hour, I had a customer call. I then sold Corte Clean to this and many other customers. I asked that they report back as to how well the Corte Clean worked. They all reported excellent results! I will be ordering more product in the spring and selling it with every new composite deck I sell. Thank you Corte Clean for an excellent product without all the toxic, polluting, corrosive chemicals. SAL, Bromon Lumber, Ontario, Canada (905) 851-7053

  48. “Great work by the cleaner! The deck looks great!” Geoff Case, Assistant Composite Buyer, Home Depot [Corte Clean used to clean a Home Depot Veranda composite deck after chlorine bleach and other products purchased from the Home Depot failed, even when a store manager used them.]

  49. My brother and I installed a Veranda deck purchased from the Home Depot in the Spring of 2008. The deck began to get stains. I was told to use chlorine bleach to clean it. I refused because I am well aware of the risks. I tried several other deck cleaning products purchased from the Home Depot. They did not work at all. I complained to the store manager and she offered to clean my deck with chlorine bleach. She did and it did not remove many of the stains from my new deck. The manufacturer of Veranda, Fiber Composites LLC, then recommended Corte Clean. Corte Clean was then used and my Veranda deck now looks beautiful! It removed mold, tannin, grease, oil, and red dirt stains. It did not smell of toxic chemicals. I will be using Corte Clean whenever my Veranda deck needs to be cleaned because it actually works without all the risks of using chlorine bleach or other toxic polluting chemicals to the health of my family and two dogs. S. Erwin, S. Carolina

  50. We purchased our Trex Brasilia deck from the Home Depot. Eventually it got dirty with mold stains. We tried the cleaners from the Home Depot; without success. We eventually found Corte Clean. After wasting time & money on the other products, we were skeptical and only purchased 1-3lb container of Corte Clean. Corte Clean did an amazing job! Today we have ordered a 6lb container and signed up for the Auto Ship option so that when the product shows up twice yearly, it will remind us to clean our deck. Kara E., Florida

  51. Corte Clean is a wonderful product that really works for cleaning Monarch composite decking. We have tested numerous cleaning products without success including the new BEHR deck cleaning product intended for mold & mildew stains. We then Tested Corte Clean with amazing results. We now sell Corte Clean at St. Clair Fence & Deck in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Please call me if you are interested in Corte Clean. 1.800.380.1497 or (519) 542.1261
    Sarnia, ON- Canada
    St. Clair Fence & Deck

  52. I purchased Clorox Composite Deck Cleaner from the Home Depot to clean my Trex deck of black mold, flower pot and other stains. It had little if any effect. I then found Corte Clean in the TREX literature. I ordered it from this web site to give it a try. I was amazed at how well it worked although it did take several applications to clean the tougher stains. I just ordered another 12lbs. Great product!
    Newnan, GA- USA

  53. I first tried other products and remedies such as Simple Green and pressure washing to clean my tan TimberTech deck without success. I actually believe that pressure washing made the mold and mildew problems worse by driving it deeper into the pours of the composite! I then purchased and used Corte Clean composite deck cleaner when the manufacturer recommended the product. Nothing else worked except for Corte Clean, especially when used with a Gilmour sprayer. The sprayer is the ticket along with the Corte Clean! Corte Clean did a great job although it took several applications and a bit of elbow grease on our stained deck. Fast forward 6 months, our deck got stains all over it again. We again used Corte Clean. The stains came off with far less effort for our second Corte Cleaning. I just purchased another Corte Clean container as I am sure I will need it again as the humidity is high here in Pismo Beach, CA and mold & mildew is an issue. Great product and easy to use! James M, Pismo Beach, California

  54. My company does restoration & preservation of exterior surfaces. We found that no other cleaner on the market works better than Corte Clean in removing black mold & mildew spotting. I am pleased with the effectiveness on each & every project. Our clients are always thrilled with the cleaning results! (248) 475-0004 in MIOwner- Surface Restoration Specialist

  55. I have a 12 year old TREX deck that had never been cleaned. It had every possible type of stain on it and was an absolute mess. Part of the deck was covered. Although it took approximately 4 applications to clean our neglected deck, Corte Clean did the job! It even did it without killing the plants and other vegetation surrounding the decking. They also provide excellent customer service and were able to answer all the questions we had. I just re-ordered some more Corte Clean to clean the TREX deck at our vacation home. Thank you, Mr. Thomas Arlington, TX

  56. I just wanted to let you know this is the third year I have used Corte Clean on our Trex decking and how satisfied my husband and I are with the product. We built our Trex deck and spiral staircase in 2005 and by the spring of 2007 we noticed black spots all over the deck and stairs. I contacted customer service at Trex. I explained to her that all I wanted was a way to get the deck back to its original shape. She told me that on their web site was a way to clean it but that she would send me some information. I received that information along with a claim form but they wanted us to use bleach on our deck. I got on line and found out that many people across the country that had Trex decking were very dissatisfied with the bleach and found that the spots came back even worse. Corte Clean absolutely cleans our deck beautifully! By the time I found your product on the internet, our deck was in pretty bad shape. We had to use the scrub technique to get rid of the spots and in some places had to give it a second treatment. Thanks so much for all your ideas and help!!! Bev C West Liberty, IA

  57. Purchased and used Corte Clean on our Timber Tech deck. Wow! It is so refreshing to buy a product which does exactly what it is advertised to do. Our deck looks great and the amount we bought cleaned exactly the area it said it would. We had a really difficult grease stain near our gas grill. We’ve tried everything to remove it with no luck, until Corte Clean. The stain is gone and the entire deck looks like new. Congratulations on your excellent product. I will be telling all our friends about it. Submitted By: P. Shultz

  58. Having a deck in “mold heavy” area this is the only product that works. Tried Mold Armour, bleach, damp-rid…these items did not work! CORTE CLEAN is easy and effective to use. For tough areas just sprinkle the cleaner on a wet deck and scrub. A great product! Top of the line customer service. Buy this product do not waste your money or time on other products! ED B.

    U.S G.

  59. I rarely give reviews, but I had to comment on the effectiveness of your product, Corte Clean, in cleaning Trex decking. In half a day I was able to bring back my deck to it’s original condition, before I would spend a whole weekend with mediocre results. I have been recommending your product to everyone I know. Thank you, Kathleen W. Farmingdale, NY

  60. I used Corte Clean Eco-Friendly Composite Deck cleaner when my new TemberTech deck started getting mold and other types of stains. I ordered the Corte Clean over the phone and it was delivered as promised. The customer service was excellent and they really knew what they were talking about. It is rare that you call a company and are not rushed and they answer all your questions. The product performed as expected on my approx. 12′ x 20′ + steps deck! My TimberTech deck is completely clean of all stains including the mold although it did take several applications to get out the tougher stains and deeply rooted mold. Thank you TimberTech for recommending this great product. J. Senky Uniontown, PA

  61. I just tried your product for the first time and loved it. It worked very well (much better than anything at Home Depot). P. Green Long Island, NY

  62. Can you tell me if this product can be had in Dublin, Ireland. I use it in Rockport, Mass… My brother would like to use it in Ireland. T. Caulfield

  63. I used Corte-Clean about 2 weeks ago for the first time on my Trex deck. I followed the directions exactly and the product worked as advertised. It removed all of my mold and the “black spots” that had built up over time. The one issue I have is that in doing it’s job, the product also removed some of the original coloring of my deck. The color is now faded, or “bleached”, if you will, a much lighter shade than it’s original brown tone. I do not know if this is normal, given that I have had the deck for 2 years, and this is the first time I am cleaning it. I must say that this was unexpected and a little disconcerting. My deck looks much better now than before I used the product, however, it is not the original color I started out with – I guess this is the trade-off you live with in having a Trex deck. (Note from Corte LLC. Corte Clean can speed up the natural weathering process of some composites. The sun will naturally bleach/fade/weather composites. Corte Clean will not bleach/fade composites more than the sun would naturally, over time. Many customers that have previously used sodium hypochlorite based products in an attempt to clean TREX or older weathered TREX have reported that it restored some of the composites origional color. All TREX customers see “WEATHERING” link @ before using Corte Clean. We have found that TREX weathers by about 2/3 from its origional color over time or if Corte Clean is used to clean tough stains. Unfortunately, TREX owners will have to make a choice, Corte Clean stains from their composite and potentially speed up the weathering process or live with the stains.)

  64. After finding Corte Clean on line and reading vertthiungf about the product I decided to give it a try.The deck had not had a good cleaning in several years. After using Corte Clean the deck looks like new. Will be ordering more Corte Clean and clean the deck twice a season. A. Opalach Lavonia, MI

  65. It removes the mold, but be careful. Following the instructions to a “T”, this product bleached my redwood colored ChoiceDek considerably. (Note from Corte LLC. Corte Clean can speed up the natural weathering process of some composites. The sun will naturally bleach/fade/weather composites. Corte Clean will not bleach/fade composites more than the sun would naturally, over time. Many customers that have previously used chlorine bleach or other sodium hypochlorite containing bleaching agents/biocides in an attempt to clean ChoiceDek or older naturally weathered ChoiceDeks have reported that it restored some of the composites origional color. Unfortunately, ChoiceDek owners will have to make a choice, Corte Clean the stains from their composite and potentially speed up the weathering/bleaching/fading process or live with the stains.)

  66. This is the second year that I have use Corte Clean on my TimberTech deck. I think your product works really good. Deck comes out nice and clean. R. Toppi

  67. Jim, from 84 Lumber called Corte LLC to let us know that he had sold a customer some Corte Clean after the customer requested it. He requested that his customer call back and report their results. Here is what the customer reported… The customer reported “fantastic results, easy to use, cleaned the entire composite deck of mold & mildew stains in addition to all other stains on the deck.” “The deck looked like new again.” To confirm this please contact Jim @ 84 Lumber Winston-Saelem, NC. (336) 724-0840

  68. I just wanted to let you know that your product Corte Clean was just the product we needed for cleaning our three year old Trex deck. My husband went on the Trex website to find out what was the best way to clean our deck. We have literally tried what they claimed would clean it from soap and water, hydrogen peroxide, composite deck cleaners, etc. We even tried OxiClean and that didn’t work. About three weeks ago my husband was on the internet again looking for something to clean our deck, and he came upon your product Corte Clean. We found out that the closest location, 84 Lumber in Naperville, IL sold your product and was about 13 or so miles from our home. We decided to give it a try; what did we have to lose. This product is absolutely the best on the market! Not only did it get off the mold but all the dirt and debris. We were so thrilled to have finally found a cleaner that worked. By the way we had our daughter’s high school graduation party at our home over the weekend — everyone noticed the difference in our deck. I even called 1-800-Buy Trex and let them know about your fabulous product. Barbara & Clayton Kain, Darien, IL

  69. In desperation, I must admit that I have tried a couple of other products to clean my heavily mold stained, neglected, Correct Deck: ZEP Deck and Fence Wash, Concrobium XT Eco Wash and Oxy-Clean. None work as well as Corte Clean. In my opinion Corte Clean is not magically effortless (and never claimed to be) but it is the best cleaner available. B. McGregor, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

  70. Corte*Clean. Bought it. Used it. Liked it very much. It’s economical and extremely easy to use. My deck looks like new. B. Moore, Loudon, TN

  71. Ordered Corte Clean last year. Worked out real well. Ordered again this year. J. Aston, Northville, MI

  72. Used Corte Clean by following its label directions to clean my Trex deck after searching for a composite deck cleaner on the internet. Corte Clean just lifted the mold and other stains out after a long winter here in the North East (we spend the winters in Florida). Our Trex looks like new again. R. Root, Syracuse, NY

  73. We replaced our wood deck boards with Choice Decking 3 years ago. So happy to not have to deal with splinters and staining/sealing every year. It looked beautiful. Then the following year we began seeing dark gray spots all over the boards. I tried all sorts of cleaning products and not one made a difference. All I could think of at that time was that we had spent so much money on a ‘maintenance free’ product but yet here we were looking at a most depressing sight. We made excuses to our friends and family on its appearance. We finally went on line to see if we could find another product that we hadn’t tried before. I came upon a testimonial from someone that showed before and after pictures of his composite decking. The before pictures looked just like ours. I found a store that carried the product (25 miles away) and was glad I did. The product worked a miracle! I have raved about this product and recommended it to anyone that would have this problem. I am no longer ashamed to have family and friends over. Thanks Corte Clean! Sonia Martinez, Woodbridge, VA

  74. Corte-Clean worked on our deck. The Trex deck is now 2 years old, Brasilia Amber and Trex Madera, it’s been washed 2 times a year previously but the entire decking was becoming covered with mold. After just the one application with the Corte-Clean, my wife and I can now invite guests over for the big BBQ we’ve been wanting to do 🙂 We’ll definitely use Corte-Clean again! We knew it would lighten up the decking a little, which wasn’t a problem because of the normal “weathering” that was happening. R. Sage, Silver Springs, MD

  75. WOW. Im shock and thankful. Corte Clean is amazing. I tried everything to get my deck clean, I thought about replacing my 2 yr old Trex deck .. then I read about Corte Clean, I called and spoke with someone at Corte Clean, I used it and I am simply shocked…. My deck is new again and all it took was a sunny day, a pump sprayer and a hose- simple. THANKS from Diana – a NJ homeowner. Sorry I didnt take before and after pictures for you! Submitted By: D. Florian, NJ

  76. After successfully using Corte-Clean on my Trex decking at home, I wanted to use it on the permanent dock at our cottage. Not sure if this would contaminate the lake I called your company and left a message with Greg. Hoping to get a call back within a few days, I was very pleasently surprised when he called back within 15 minutes. Greg was very helpful and answered all my quesitons. I look forward to having a a new looking deck at our cottage just like the one at home! Thanks! J. Meister PS – It did not hurt any of the grass or plants around my deck at my house!

  77. Today I used Corte Clean on my mother’s composite deck. I installed for her last spring. I watched the video and followed the instructions and Corte Clean did an outstanding job. I would recommend it to anyone that has a composite deck to clean. C. Hovey – Portland, ORRetired

  78. sorry for this long message, but it takes words to say it all. I built my Trex deck in the Spring of 2007. I was so proud of how it looked with the saddle brown planks, and the darker Madeira (?) railings with saddle balusters. It looked gorgeous. Last Summer, 2008, it still looked great, although as expected, there was some fading from the sunlight. Over last Winter, dark spots started to appear, and got worse as we moved into this Spring. I was disgusted to look at it, but though it would come off easily. Stupid me. I could not get it off. I have a pressure washer, but was hesitant to use it on the Trex. I did try the pressure washer in an inconspicuous area of my deck; It took off the surface dirt, but would not touch the dark spots. I searched for deck cleaners on the Internet, and found all the stuff the stores carry, plus Corte-clean’s web site. I read all the testimonials, and thought “yeah, right”, anybody could make up those stories. I was in real need to clean up my deck for the 4th of July, so I placed my order for the 6 lb container of Corte-Clean. I followed the instructions to the letter. Although I did have to do some scrubbing (more than just a little), I could see the spots disappear a I scrubbed and rinsed the cleaner off. Amazing stuff. I wet down the plants around my deck fisrt; they did not get damaged at all. Funny thing is, after a few days, the deck even looked better. there was some **very** light spotting left after cleaning the deck and it was till wet, but it has rained a few times since the cleaning, and there are no more spots at ALL. I am super happy. And thanks, Greg for your super fast replies (about 15 minutes or less!) to my emails. Greg even called me on the phone to answer a question. Super product, the best customer service I ever experienced from an Internet vendor. Bob L Ronkonkoma, NYretired

  79. Our Timbertech deck is 3 years old and had started to show “black spots”. One app. at max strength restored the deck to its original, day one appearance. There was no impact from seasonal rains/monsoons!! It is always great when a product does the job for which it is designed.

  80. Your product is amazing and does what it says. I’ve tried several other products to take the mold off my deck, and yours works! J. Incandela

  81. I have now used Corte Clean on my deck and it worked very well. Once I got into the “hang of it” your product was fairly easy to use and the mold was obliterated. The composite deck companies should be promoting your product. Mine is Portico and I have told them they need to have a link to CorteClean on their website. I also told our local Ace Hardware store that they need to stock your product. R. Carlson, South Burlington, Vermont

  82. This product really works! My composite decking sat for two years in a pile (due to circunstances beyond my control) before being used to build my new deck, it was so nasty! It was home to the biggest ant nest I had ever seen, and was almost black from the mold. I built the deck anyway and then used this product on it, I couldn’t believe it, after using this (x2) it looked brand new. Thank you, this saved my deck!!! Dave

  83. I am very pleased to have found a company that not only offers a superior product but also excels in customer service. I initially purchased Corte Clean in an effort to eliminate mold from my composite decking. The deck had not been cleaned in five years. I used the product as instructed and was very pleased with the results. I just completed an order with Greg to purchase a case of the product. I fully intend to maintain the beauty of the deck. It is a rare occasion when I encounter a company representative that wants to take time in explaining a product and who also encourages me to call back with any questions. I thank you! S. Carlson, Varginia Beach, VA

  84. I used CorteClean a month ago, did a great job cleaning the deck, looked brand new, but now one month later spots are back and worse than before. I would not recommend this product. KATHY (NOTE FROM Corte LLC: Corte Clean is a cleaner; ONLY! This is stated on the Corte Clean label directions and its web site. Corte Clean does not claim to prevent stains, especially those caused by people/pets/wildlife/etc. or other naturally occuring environmantal conditions such as mold, which are likely the “spots” KATHY is referring to. Additionally, Kathy likely has other mold issues surrounding her composite deck that she needs to resolve that are likely spreading the mold back to her composite deck. Examples of these are likely her roof, siding or other items surrounding her deck. Corte LLC has not found any product that prevents mold stains from returning to composites. For what Corte LLC has proven effective in keeping composites clean, please see the Corte Clean “FAQ”. Any person that ownes a composite deck in an area with high mold spore counts, that receives frequent moisture, as predicted by; The Weather Channel, may have the return of mold stains if they do not proactively clean their composite of the mold spores before they have a chance to live, grow, cause ugly “spots.” Corte LLC posts this “Testimonial” because we do not want any person that is considering purchasing Corte Clean to have any unrealistic misconception about its performance or that the composite will never get dirty and need to be re-cleaned at some point in the future, when the owner deems necessary. We wish KATHY would have read the Corte Clean website or contacted Corte LLC before she purchased Corte Clean. Corte LLC DOES NOT want any person to be dissatisfied with the purchase or performance of Corte Clean.)

  85. We purchased Trex decking at our local Lowe’s and they recommended bleach and water to clean. It just made the mold spots worse. Our neighbor said it was defective & to contact manufacturer. But Corte clean did a great job. Even with all the rain this spring and summer, the mold hasn’t returned after just one cleaning. All Trex dealers should sell this product.

  86. I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with this product. I used it on my Trex deck that was covered with black mold spots and green mildew. The deck looks brand new now. I have never submitted a testimonial for any other product as I’ve found few rarely work as they claim. However, Corte Clean does not disappoint.teacher

  87. We cleaned our first deck with Corte-Clean since stocking it this morning, and I am very impressed with how well it did. We used it on Elk Crosstimbers decking that was very moldy. Thanks again for the knowledge you shared and educating me on the product. Thanks, Mike Brueggenjohann California Custom Decks 9227 Manchester Road Rock Hill, MO 63144 314-968-3325 314-968-3326 fax

  88. Corte Clean saved me. Mold was taking over our Trex deck that was only a year old. We tried pressure washing with various concentratipns of bleach. Trex does not seem to be aware of this product! I called their customer service department and was told to try a bleach deck cleaner-this only made the mold/fungus angry and it took me hours to apply it. I googled “Trex cleaner” and found one small report about Corte Clean (surrounded by irrate Trex customers responses). I was thrilled with how fast Corte Clean worked.

  89. I own a pressure washing company in Elverson, PA and wanted to let you know that Core-Clean is the best product I have found to safely and effectively clean composite decks! I have tried many products, but nothing compares to the results of your product. I am highly recommending Corte-Clean to my fellow pressure washers and am spreading your website around the area. I would like to know if it would be possible to be named on your website as a composite deck pressure washer which uses your product regularly. If you would get back to me on this, I would greatly appreciate it. Mark Cummins THUNDER WASH PRESSURE WASHING, INC. 257 Millard Road, Elverson, PA 19520 …(Phone) 610-286-0041 or 484-955-1600.

  90. We had a 550 SF Trex Accents deck installed in 5/08. In May of 2009 we saw a lot of mildew spots all over the surface. We had some Corte Clean that we purchased in May 08 when we bought the deck. We used that according to the instructions. (Product was now about 1 year old.) It took 4 applications and a lot of work but the 3/4’s of the deck I cleaned looked good. Since I was out of the product I went down to Lowes and bought some fresh Corte Clean. Just finished cleaning the remaining 1/4 of of decking. In only 2 applications and not much effort the deck looks like brand new. Spoke with Greg at Corte Clean. He told me the new packaging keeps the product fresher, using fresh stock, and a few changes to the product made it work better. My deck looks better than new. A few tips however. Make sure you use fresh Corte Clean-Their is a use by date on the package. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!, I found it works much better in the sun than the shade.(Follow the instructions) Thanks Greg! Will be ordering more next Spring to do my deck as well as my sisters

  91. I spoke to you yesterday from Va Beach and you said if I was not happy after using Corteclean you would refund my money——guess I won’t be taking you up on that. INCREDIBLE–Already told folks at HD and will sing praises to all my friends and associates. I read some Blogs saying people thought your product pricey???????? Obviously you get what you pay for, after $60.00 and 4 hours I will never get back, the Behr product didn’t hold a candle. I will continue to use Corteclean as recommended by you–thanks loads. Bob Priggins Virginia Beach, VA

  92. My trex deck had the black spots, was vert dirty, had what I believe is lichen and a green coloration in places which I took for algae. I have used your product and all of this has been lifted off. Conditions were not ideal given the September sunshine, and only a half day at that due to the deck’s location and given the shade from the trees, and I did scrub on the hardest spots since I knew that the optimal conditions were beyond my reach. I am really satisfied with the results.

  93. Apologies in advance if this gets a little wordy but I feel like if I can save just one person the trouble that I went through then it’s worth the time to put this down. I had an old wooden deck that I replaced with a much larger (3X) Trex composite platform. Very nice custom work from a reputable builder. What happened next is, in my opinion, a mutual fault situation on the part of myself and Trex. I will admit straight up front that I did not do what I was supposed to do… clean the deck two times a year. My bad. For all the money I put into it you would think I would have been more careful. Anyway, in no time flat (the first year) I started to notice little black splotches appearing sporadically here and there. I think this is where the issue of culpability on the part of the Trex composite materials starts to come into play. I’ve had plenty of wooden decks, and never once did I ever encounter a situation where the wood was covered in black mold after a single year. Anyway, on my new Trex deck some areas had a higher concentration than others, for no apparent reason. Anyway, procrastinator that I am, I did nothing other than make a mental note that I’d have to address it before it got worse. Did it ever. Long story short, I let it get bad. Really bad. Bad enough to where I wouldn’t let my 2yr old son go out on the deck anymore and left myself a pair of “deck” shoes out there so if I had to walk on it I wouldn’t track mold into the house. It was that bad. Ultimately I decided to act. Went to Home Depot. Asked for advice, was referred to Baehr (sp?) composite deck cleaner. Used it. Didn’t make a dent. The scrubbing I did made an impact but the stains were still there and the mold came back with a vengeance almost as soon as I put the brush down. Basically, I think I just made it angry. Started doing more internet research. Found that certain types of composite decks are massively prone to mold, and that there had been class action law suits on some companies, etc., etc. Was starting to think I’d really screwed up permanently with my new home addition. It had been 3 years and I had only cleaned it once and the mold was bad. Yes, I agree… I was a moron for not taking better care of the deck and nobody (including Trex) would argue that I didn’t get what I deserved. I got all kinds of bad advice from everywhere you can imagine, folks telling me to high pressure wash it, sand it, etc. to fix but luckily was told by the contractor who built the deck that I would only end up destroying the deck surface and providing even more of a course and grainy surface for mold to cling to and it would be worse than ever. Was considering a tear down when I found a link to Corte Clean on some DIY web site or other. They were making some pretty sensational claims about restoring trashed composite decks to ‘like new’ status with their wonder product. I bookmarked it but figured it to be just another bogus bunch of marketing garbage. Nothing else worked and I’d tried all the big name products so why believe that some relatively obscure product was the silver bullet? I didn’t. Anyway, after more procrastination and the approach of winter I had one more shot for the season to try to fix the situation so I ordered a bag of it off the net. Had nothing to lose at that point. Bought a little plastic pressure pump applicator, got out the scrub brush and went to work. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t take pictures of the before and after. I don’t write product reviews very often (as you can probably tell) but after all I’d been through and the result I got with Corteclean I had to say something. The deck looks like the day it was installed. No mold. No stains. G-o-n-e. I mean it, it’s perfect. Perfect! Make no mistake, it wasn’t a hands-off job. I had to scrub it and apply it twice (it was in really bad shape) and it’s not real easy to wash off so I got a workout for sure but it’s been three months now and I am still astonished at what I have back there. It went from FUBAR to flawless in one afternoon. End story is that my son plays out there again and finally I can open up the double doors again for company and let them use back area. Huge success. WHY is this not sold at Home Depot? At Lowes? At Target? Walmart? Everywhere?? The scary part is that I found this stuff only by luck. Needs a big old marketing push to get the word out. At least there’s the Internet. Seriously, folks. Finally something that actually lived up to (in my opinion, outperformed) the hype. Btw, I do plan on cleaning it at least annually from here on out. cheers, Brian E

  94. I recently had to clean my combination composite decking/cedar rail deck. I initially cleaned the composite with Corte Clean and was quite satisfied with the result. I could not locate a wood cleaner/brightener that was composite safe – – – most are acid based. I then decided to mix a batch of Corte Clean and apply with a garden sprayer to the cedar rail. All I can say is ‘WOW’. It cleaned and brightened the wood extremely well – – – and obviously did not damage the composite. I’m not sure you want to enter the wood cleaning segment but if you do, you’ll have a winner! A very satisfied customer. Michael Ullman

  95. My Fiberon deck was covered with green yuck. It appeared to me like an algae of some sort. With one application of Corte Clean my deck looked brand new! I highly recommend this product to anyone with composite decking.

  96. I had a Cedar Timber Tech deck installed in 2007. I was afraid to use anything harsh on my deck. I saw Corte-Clean and decided to give it a try. WOW was it easy to use and my deck looks like the day I had it installed. “THANK YOU.” The customer service man in California called me twice to return my call and answer my questions. “VERY” helpful..Great Company & Product….


  97. We have tested this. We do encourage customers to use this product. Thank you! Jessica Olmsted Green Bay Decking LLC – “The Composite Solutions Co” 1518 S Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54304 PH: 920-435-1526 x110 FX: 920-435-1528

  98. We DO recommend Corte Clean and I believe it is a great cleaner for composite products. I will continue to recommend in the future as well. Anna Andvik Master Mark Plastics Rhino Deck Sales/Marketing 30 E. Rail Road Ave PO Box 662 Albany, MN 56307 800.535.4838

  99. After three or four years, I tried your product on two decks (Trex Basilia) which was the first time they were cleaned. Corte-Clean is a winner but I would advise using it when the deck is new and not wait (composite decking is not maintenance free). Thanks and have a good day. B Alexander (Portland, OR)

  100. We live in Oregon in a climate where our Timbertech was covered in black mold in less than one year. One bag of CorteClean not only made our decking look brand new but also took away the green growth on our stamped concrete. The product is fantastic!

  101. I talked to you about 3 weeks ago concerning staining on our deck, even after using corte-clean. You gave me proper instructions on using the corte-clean and send me additional product. I am happy to report that we had our deck cleaned once again this week-end and the deck came out very clean. We are very pleased and appreciate your efforts in making us happy customers. Many thanks! Mike Pleasant Fayetteville, N.C.

  102. Put mine in during 2000. It is great. Still looks new, no splinters. I have had just a couple oily spots. Used Corte Clean. Awesome. Pat Gainesville, VA

  103. I had my old water heater replaced. They took it out and let the rusty old water drain out on my TimberTech deck. Corte Clean removed the rust stains. Mr. Hewes Newtown Square, PA

  104. We’ve had mold stains on our Trex deck since the very first year. I have tried every product out there with little or no luck. I wasn’t happy about Corte-Clean’s price, but I figured I’d give a try. I did a little test area, thinking I’d return it like I’ve returned all the other cleaners I’ve purchased and WOW is all I can say. Can’t wait to clear the furniture and plants off so that I can do the whole deck tonight. Thanks for a great product!

  105. Within the first year we had our Trex deck installed it started getting the black mildew spots all over. We tried a cleaner from Lowe’s but it didn’t do a thing. Then our contractor who installed the deck recommended Corte Clean. Within the first 5 minutes of cleaning the deck in the direct sunlight, the spots were gone! My husband and I couldn’t believe our eyes because we thought we’d never find anything that worked. We will be a customer for life and will recommend this product to all our friends who have Trex decking!

  106. My name is J. Carr, we had our home built two years ago, we have a Timber Tech deck all around the house with steps in the front of the house and a bridge in the back. We live in Waimea Hawaii on the wet side of town. They call it the wet side because we get some form of rain about 300 day a year. Our deck developed these dark spots (mold) the size of a penny or smaller, in a search for a cleaning product I contacted TimberTech on the Web. They listed Corte Clean as an recommended cleaner for their product. I contacted Greg #! at Corte Clean and asked about his product. I did not take before pictures but the ones I sent to Greg are the after. I found the product easy to use and you can see the results. I highly recommend the product if you have the composite product on your deck. (See after photos in Media Photo Gallery)

  107. I have a EverGrain composite deck. After trying almost every product the big box stores had that did not work I found a miracle in a small bag called CORTE CLEAN.I was only able to do half of my deck due to time and sun exposure on the deck. When I finished and saw how good it worked I could not believe it.Looking at the two sides of the deck when wet or dry it was totally amazing to see just how good it works. I did not know the deck was that dirty it took EVERY stain and mold mark out.If you are looking for a product that works then you can stop right here! JUST BUY CORTE CLEAN!!!!!!
    Riverside N.J.

  108. We have Trex decking. After reading your testimonials, I feel like I’m being very repetitive. However, I was so impressed with the results I felt compelled to write to you. Before I used Corte Clean, I had used three different deck cleaners without any luck at all and the next recommended product contained bleach, something I did not want to use. My three products were a Wolman brand, Simple Green brand, and Krud Kutter. I decided to do some research on the web and happened upon your site. My deck was horrible with mold – so bad I thought it was ruined and it’s less than three years old. I decided to purchase Corte Clean instead of the recommended bleaching cleaner and it really was amazing how the mold disappeared. The directions for use are right on and very simple. Corte Clean worked so well, in fact, I told my brother (who is in lumber sales) that if anyone ever asks him what to use to clean their composite deck, ONLY recommend Corte Clean! I just wish I had some “before” pictures because the “after” looks brand new – can’t thank you enough. L. Gorrasi Cincinnati, Ohio

  109. My composite deck is three years old. Last year there were a lot of spots so I hired a professional to power wash the deck. The spots came back within two months. I searched to a composite deck cleaner on the internet and found Corte Clean. I watched the demo and decided to give it a try. It’s been a couple months since I cleaned my deck with Corte Clean and the deck looks brand new. This product really works. I did not have a sprayer so I just used a brush to spread the cleaner. That worked out just fine.

  110. Hi- I live in a traditional new urban design neighborhood, and my neighbors and I might just be one of your biggest fans this Spring. I am very pleased with the product, but on our grey Tendura decking, the mildew stains (which is the reason I researched and purchased the product) are gone, and wet the boards look awesome. M. Brenner


  112. We own a home in Gardiner NY where we live from May to October.Every year, when we would come up here, the first thing I would do was to treat my composite Correct Deck with Outdoor Chlorox to get rid of the mold spots all over the deck. It worked but only for a short time and I would have to do it all over again monthly. In Sept. of 09 I decided to look for a better solution and found Corte Clean which I then applied to my Correct Deck. When I came back up in the beginning of May of 10 I was amazed to find my deck spotless. How nice to find a product that works exactly as advertised and made in USA to boot. Alex from Gardiner NY

  113. The first products we tested was from Ace and it was there brands, we did not like the results on small area. We called Trex and they recommended Corte Clean. This product removed the mold that covered the deck. It did make it age lighter but this was what it was supposed to do. I know now this will prevent mold from growing and maintain our deck for many years to come. C. Howey

  114. It works great and it’s the only product that has cleaned my Trex deck. Thank you! M. Elvester (see photo in “Photo Gallery”)

  115. My TimberTech decking had very bad mildew & stains and with 1 strong dose of Corte Clean it came out spotless i would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their composite decking clean. Very easy to use!retired

  116. As I rule I don’t expect exterior cleaning products to do much — especially when they come with a green / “eco” label. We have new TimberTech decking at the front and rear of our house. We live in the Pacific Northwest so damp, mold and mildew are inescapable and after one year of life the decking looked awful. No amount of scrubbing or pressure-washing had an effect. Then I learned about Corte-Clean on a web message board for dissatisfied owners of composite decking… other homeowners said it was the only way to get their decks looking new again. My wife ordered a canister, we applied it this weekend, and… wow. Incredible! With only moderate brushing the mold and mildew was GONE. The decks look GREAT. Wish we had taken a “before” pic because ours looked worse than most of yours… and ours looks better now than most of your “afters”. This stuff is TERRIFIC. We will not stop buying it for anything. The results knocked our socks off! I’ve tried pressure-washer additives, bleach solutions like “30 Seconds,” etc. and you can’t tell what difference they made if any. Your product actually performs better than you promise! So rare these days to find a consumer product that exceeds expectations! I never see you advertise, and I understand you have to pursue a tricky retail strategy when your stuff is shelved next to a bunch of $9.95 alternatives, but… Corte-Clean is a BARGAIN at the price and we are telling our friends. Thank you.


  117. Corte Clean really does a great job, my (TREX) deck looks brand new. I have tried two other products recommended by other sources, they worked as long as you got down on you hands and knees with a scrub brush. Corte Clean was so easy to use, just mix according to the directions, spray wait 20 minutes and rinse toughly.

  118. Dear Greg: I don’t think that you’ll remember but you were kind enough to return my phone a couple of weeks back when I had called to express my dissatisfaction with Corte-Clean. To be honest with you, I was somewhat shocked that someone actually called me back (this simply does not happen very often these days). We had quite a lengthy conversation about your product, in which you advised me of several things I should do in order to get the desired results. Indeed, after increasing the mix ratio and working on a smaller area, your product worked very well on my deck (Fiberon). It did clean up the mildew/grease spots and other discoloration caused by water drips of the whirlpool, roof, planter boxes etc. After using such a strong mix ratio, I was a little hesitant at first because a white residue was left on the deck even after spraying it off multiple times. By now though, that residue seems to have disappeared and I believe, according to your information, that this is a natural process. I also wish to thank you for the additional product and the instructional video you sent. I have not had a chance to view the video yet but I most certainly will. Again, Thank You very much for your efforts in helping me. Kind Regards, M. Knipp Mishawaka, IN 46545

  119. I have a Trex deck and my daughter used your cleaner and it did a very good job. East Aurora, NY

  120. Thank you very much for Corte Clean! It was a pleasure speaking with you and we followed your directions explicitly. The results are great! The deck is finished and looks like new. I appreciate the time you took speaking with me. You do have a great product! E. French Wimberly, TX

  121. I’ve used your product for 3 years to clean my 2000 sq ft TREX deck. Always get the mold off. Last year I skipped cleaning in the fall, and I had quite a spotted deck by this summer. Again Corta Clean worked after I put in the effort to clean the deck correctly. K. Giuffrida Honeoye Falls, NY Sent from my iPad

  122. You can’t ask for better customer service. I was able to purchase the 2 bags of Corte Clean we needed at my local Lowe’s. I’m glad to know they carry it now. It’s the only product that seems to remove the mildew stains on our deck for any length of time. Thanks again. H. Stroup, Leawood, KS

  123. Seven years ago, we decided to replace our worn-out patio with a deck. We talked to people who had recently installed decks on their houses and interviewed two highly-recommended carpenters. All of them talked up the advantages of the new composite decks. Though they cost about a third more than wooden decks, they would more than repay the initial expenditure through their lack of need for any maintenance over the years: no cleaning, pressure washing, sanding, scraping, or re-treating. The one local company carrying composite decking materials recommended Trex. They did not even carry a cleaner for composite decking, they said, because it never needs cleaning. I perused the Trex website, which pretty much echoed the lumber company: no maintenance required other than an occasional hosing down. The deck was built with Trex and looked great. Come the Spring, however, it looked like an old wreck. It had areas of slime, mold, sap,and rust. On the web I saw many postings from people who complained about their so-called “no maintenance” deck. I called Trex, who lied that they had never said no maintenance, only low maintenance. They told us to buy PSC, a new cleaner formulated especially for composite decks and which contained no bleach, was non-polluting, and would not harm animals or plants. We tried Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware; none carried the cleaner or had even heard of it. I called Trex again, and they offered to send us some PSC. It was the only promise they ever kept. Our handyman, Danny, used the PSC to clean the deck, and the deck did look better but was still unsightly because the stains, though lighter, were still completely visible. Three days later, four of our fish and two of our plants in a small pond next to the deck were dead. So much for no harmful chemicals. Our backyard runs down toward a large pond owned by the complex and harboring fish, turtles, and frogs. We decided not to use any more PSC to protect both our critters and the ones in the lake behind us. While checking the Web, I came across several postings by people praising a product called Corte Clean for their composite decks. I ordered some online. Danny was so thrilled with the results that he called us out to see. The deck looked almost new again, vibrant and stainless. When fall rolled around, I tried to order Corte Clean again online but had trouble with the website, so I phoned. I told Greg I wanted to order Corte Clean because it does an amazing job, does not stink, and does not pollute or kill critters. He said he was so pleased to hear all those plaudits. With gratitude for a great product from an honest company, Dr. R. Sosis Cincinnati, Ohio

  124. I have a TimberTech deck that is about 3 years old. The deck started to develop black mold/mildew spots which I could not get out with any of the cleaners I used. Corte Clean saved the day! After following the instructions carefully, 95% of the mold has disappeared. I applied 2-3 applications on the deck as I had never cleaned the deck before, but I think this product is great! Highly recommended.

  125. Yesterday I cleaned our composite deck with Corte Clean. It looks beautiful today. Thank you and I love your product. J. Baker

  126. After trying other products unsuccessfully, I used Corte-Clean on my 4 year old Trex deck. The results was amazing! Those stubborn black mold/mildew spots are gone and the deck looks great!

    Home owner

  127. Issue resolved. D. Mckillop CANADA Referral from Trex Customer Service: “I have a customer who used the Olympic and it did not last”

  128. My composite deck had little black spots and black streaks all over it. Cleaning it with the usual deck wash didn’t touch the mess. I searched online and found Corte Clean. Drove to Lowe’s and bought 1 bag of it. Followed directions given in the video and wasn’t sure there was much improvement. BUT, THEN IT DRIED!!! I cannot overstate how beautiful this deck is now. This product is worth every penny and I will make sure I always have some.Very satisfied homeowner

  129. Love your product As we head into spring, I’m ready to use it again J. Guinan Chester County, PA

  130. Corte Clean was the only product that worked on my new composite deck last year…and I tried them all! Kennett Square, PA M. Ellis

  131. The Trex decking had been neglected and had lots of mold. After one treatment at full strength I could tell this product is something special. I will be telling the neighbors and the board about your product, as many of the homeowners have the Trex decking.

  132. Corte-Clean worked terrific! I’ve had my deck for 4 years, and it had never been cleaned. I wanted the best product out there, and I found it. While using Corte-Clean, the “dirty water” coming off the deck was quite impressive, and in just a couple hours, I restored my deck to just like new. I will not use any other product in the future.

  133. After reading several testimonials, we tried Corte Clean using 2 1/2 cups and leaving it on for 45 minutes as this was the first time we attempted to clean our deck in 3 years. It looks brand new! Would definitely recommend it.

  134. Corte-Clean is fantastic. Our composite decking looks brand new. It was covered with mold, probably due to our harsh Wisconsin winters and the fact that it is mostly shaded all day. If you follow the directions, the mold and soil brushes right off. It took old-fashioned elbow crease and some prep time, but our results are worth it!Sales manager

  135. I used the newer product last week on the deck. I have to tell you that it worked extremely well. The ease of the application couldn’t be any easier! The decking has not looked this good since the week it was installed! Actually, in the next day or so I am going out to purchase more of the Corte*Clean for the hand rails, balusters and bottom rails. Now I know to look for the Best If Used By: date on the package. I am truly very pleased with your product… Thank you again for your time and assistance with my concerns/issues. Sincerely yours, S. Lubin

  136. I’ve tried several composite deck cleaners before trying Corte Clean. I will never buy anything else. The product works hard to lift the dirt and grime. It didn’t change the deck’s color like the bleach based cleaners do.

  137. We have almost 500 ft. of decking.This year it looked horrible, black spots all over. I thought it was stains from my outdoor plants, but as I looked for ways to clean composite decking, I read the testimonials about Corte-Clean I realized it was mold spores on my deck. I went to Lowe’s & bought 2 packages that were soon to expire (didn’t think it would make any difference). Cleaned the deck twice at max. strength, it was clean but mold spores still remained. I talked to the manufacturer of Corte-Clean & he sent me 2 pkgs. of his product. Cleaned the deck again at max. strength, mold spores are gone!!!!!!The manufacturer couldn’t have been nicer. He returned my call promptly. I have called him at least 5 times & every time he answers all my questions, giving me advice, & says call me anytime you need to. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. Will order more in the fall.

  138. I have used two different 2.5 gallon sprayers and neither worked with the product. Both plugged tight in a short time. When I used the second sprayer I mixed the product in hot water stirring for 15 minutes and the sprayer still plugged in a very short time. Easiest application method was with a pole cleaning brush and a bucket of thoroughly mixed product. There was better coverage and no dealing with applicator plugging. If Corte*Clean recommends a particular sprayer they should indicate that on the label as well as more details on their product label about how to deal with applicator plugging. They should also indicate that what alternative application procedures can substituted without using a sprayer. Once applied the product does work as advertised on this web site. Our deck looks as it did when new. NOTE FROM CORTE LLC: Use a rag to filter out Corte Clean granules when pouring it into a pump sprayer or purchase the filter for the pump sprayer so it doesn’t clog. Application is definitely easier with a pump sprayer. Infrastructure engineer

    Home owner

  139. I installed my ChoiceDek decking about 5 years ago and was totally discouraged when it showed mold spots on it within a few months. When I called the manufacturer, they recommended using a bleach product (Jomax) and to leave it on longer than the package directions showed. I did that, and the spots returned faster than before. Power washing didn’t help, nor did having it cleaned professionally. Not until I used Corte-Clean was I satisfied with the appearance of my deck. Not only did it come cleaner than ever, but it lasted much, much longer than I could have hoped for. From September till June! Although in June I had to clean it several times for the product to stop coming up discolored. I’ll do better next time. Soooo happy with your product. (By the way, the manufacturer’s customer service rep let me think my oak trees were responsible for the staining instead of being the result of nature’s effect on their product.) And, PS, they are STILL recommending Jomax or Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner (containing bleach). It seems to me they don’t want happy consumers. I know that if I hadn’t found Corte-Clean I would have already replaced my deck!Workaholic

  140. I just want to say thank you for your wonderful product. I cleaned my Trex deck last weekend and it looks new again. My wife is amazed how nice it looks without any of the mold and dark spots on it. I was very impressed with the support I received from your company. Your company should be the model for the best in customer service and support. I will do whatever I can to help others learn of your product. You can count on me to be a customer for life and a spoke person for your product and your company. Please let me know if I can do anything for your company in order to promote this wonderful product. Feel free to have anyone with questions to contact me for my experience with Corte Clean. P. Sikora

  141. Dear Sirs: I have purchased and use Corte Clean and think it is marvelous. I like the video showing how to use it and would like to have some of my friends buy and use your product. However, they are not exactly what one would call computer literate. Is it possible to obtain a DVD of the video or send it or a link so that i can download/burn to DVD or thumb drive so as to show my friends the product in action (and no I’m not re-cleaning my deck over and over). Respectfully Yours, D. Gosnell

  142. Today presented the first opportunity to once again clean my deck since we had communicated late this past June. I must say that your product is without question the best I have come across. I was quite concerned this past spring when the results were nothing like the first time I used Corte Clean. And being unable to get to the cleaning due to weather conditions not being favorable, I was somewhat concerned when I began this morning (it had not been cleaned since spring 2010 and the mildew stains were quite pronounced in several areas)–I shouldn’t have been!! The results once again were astounding!! My deck looks like it did the day I put it down!!! Thanks for a truly wonderful product. I will order from your website again next spring in order to get the ‘freshest’ product available. Thanks again for not only your product, but also for following up on my concerns. A most satisfied customer, M. Donauer

  143. I’m a repeat user of Corte Clean. I already knew how well it worked, but I recently had the chance to experience their exceptional customer service after using Corte Clean that I purchased from a local retailer. As soon as I started to apply the product, I could tell it wasn’t activating properly. At that point, I checked the package and noticed that the retailer was selling expired product. I called the company the next day and found out that Corte Clean, like other chemicals, works best when it is fresh, and that retailers should be rotating their stock to avoid selling old product. A replacement of fresh product was promptly sent to my house and I can’t wait for my Trex composite deck to be clean again! I learned my lesson…be sure to check the date and order online if it’s not fresh. Lake Zurich, IL Thank you for the assistance.

  144. It is now the end of summer, and as promised, I am writing to update you. Overall, Corte Clean performed superbly in cleaning my deck and making it look spectacular for all our summer activities. It did take a few applications, but was well worth it. I have had to apply it again to a few areas as more mold spots did show up. I understand that is to be expected, and now I know how to combat it. I intend to spray the one final coat before the weather turns too cold to help keep the mold away. Again, thank you for your help and time in assisting me to transform the horrid looking deck to the original beauty. I have, and will continue to recommend Corte Clean to anyone who needs to clean their composite deck. I am a believer. Thanks again! R. Dumont

  145. Been using Corte Clean every Spring & Fall , to remove the black mold from my Timber Tech deck ( 7 years old ). Corte Clean does an amazing job on my deck and makes it look like new everytime , but as I went to clean the deck this afternoon with Corte Clean purchased yesterday from Lowe’s it wasn’t working. Turns out when I inspected the package closer , the sell by date was June 2011. When I called Lowes they acted like I was from outer space telling them that the Corte Clean on their selves was out of date!! Called Corte Clean and they confirmed that these Home Improvement stores are giving Corte Clean a bad name by not rotating stock , and the product going out of date. Lesson learned , I’ll buy direct from Corte Clean. Thanks to them as well for sending me a fresh bag ASAP so I can finish cleaning my deck with the awesome results that Corte Clean provides!! 🙂

  146. I purchased my Trex decking in 2005. At that time I was told it would be maintenance free. Being a great grandma and living alone, that sounded fantastic. The decking would be expensive but worth it. I choose a burgundy color and had it installed. It was great, looked bright and beautiful. I put a child’s pool on it and hosed it regularly. Within a year, black mold spots were everywhere. I purchased a different cleaner every year. The mold faded but stayed. My beautiful deck was now dull and milky in appearance. I was totally disenchanted and regretted my choice in decking. Then the internet came into my life and I researched composite deck cleaners. I found Corte Clean and read this website. I had tried everything else so why not this. The big box store tried to direct me to another cleaner but I had been there and done that with unsatisfactory results. I bought Corte Clean and used it as directed. My deck is now beautiful. It has its luster back and I’m very proud of it. I no longer regret purchasing my Trex decking. Everyone that has a composite should be aware and purchase Corte Clean. It would save them alot of money and frustration and it’s environmentally safe. Be Smart, Be Green & Buy Corte Clean G. Douyherty OH

  147. We have tested Corte Clean on boards in our factory and in the field and are happy with the results. We recommend it to our customers.Sales & Marketing

    Rhino Deck

  148. I have been using Corte-Clean on the deck and dock, made with Tamko EverGrain Composite Decking, at my vacation home on Norris Lake in Tennessee for several years. Annually I have a problem with the growth a green “moss” on the deck and dock in areas of shade and moisture. One or two applications of Corte-Clean annually keeps the composite looking new. I just ordered 4 more bags today. I LOVE it. Jim

  149. The Corte Clean result is simply fantastic. I’m now a true believer in Corte Clean and will be on the twice yearly Corte Clean deck cleaning schedule that I should have been on. I’m now a Corte Clean advocate to family & friends. Corte Clean is a great and safe product. Your personal help meant all the difference in getting my Correct Deck composite deck clean and looking like new. D. Hale Family Redwood City, CA

  150. In August 2011 I purchased a bag of Corte Clean, recommended by Lowe’s Home Center to clean my Trex composite decking. My one year old deck was covered with dark spots which I later found to be mold. I followed the product instructions precisely but was totally disappointed in the results. It was nothing like the video on your web site. My deck is about 500 square feet. I cleaned it in 5 sections. It took me about 3 hours to spray it on, let it set for 20 minutes, lightly scrubbed it and rinsed it off with water. The spots did not go away. I called the Corte Clean customer service number and spoke to Greg. He asked if I followed all the proper steps which he went through. I assured him I did. He asked what the “use by date” was and I told him it was August, 2011. The date I tried to clean my deck was August 19. His thought was the product may have lost its potency. He therefore sent me a complimentary bag. About a week later I tried cleaning my deck again and this time with totally different results. As soon as I sprayed the Corte Clean on the deck surface it began to foam up. That didn’t happen the first time. I let it set 20 minutes. I lightly scrubbed it and rinsed it off. The mold spots were gone. Now I can also say “this product does work”. I want to thank your customer service department for sending me the complimentary bag. Even though I wasted one afternoon attempting to clean it the first time it was well worth the extra effort the second time to get it cleaned properly. I will definitely use Corte Clean again and have already recommend it to other people. Sincerely, G. Harris Dearborn Heights, MI

  151. I bought 3 bags of this product with limited expectations. Unbelievable results. No pressure washing and some light scrubbing my Trex deck turned out like new. I still have one bag left and will order more for future cleaning. Great product no bull. Also spoke with Greg and got some very valuable information regarding sealing. I would recommend this product in a heart beat. Thanks

  152. After having a TREX Deck installed 6 years ago, I finally decided to clean it properly. Using Corta*Clean was simple and easy (although I had to brush the deck in places). The job took about 2 hours and it looks like it was just installed. I’ll do a little cleaning each year from now on but the product works GREAT!
    Cherry Hill, NJ

  153. I have a TimberTech XLM deck that had not been cleaned for several years. I didn’t realize how heavy the tree sap spots were. I was a little apprehensive of using Corte Clean but after the first couple of boards I was amazed! Your product does exactly what you say it will. Just follow the directions. I’m flablergasted! My deck looks brand new. Great product!

  154. I am very pleased with the results! All of my mold spots are gone and it was very easy to use. M. Domanico

  155. My composite deck that was built 12 years ago was showing more mold each year. I tried many different products that I think usually contained some bleach but after a few months the deck looked just as bad or worse than before.I decided to try Corte Clean and so ordered the 3 pack Corte Clean. We applied it as directed including using a brush to do a more thorough job. After the 1st application the deck looked some better but still not what we expected it to be. So the next day we applied it again and this time it cleared up the mold completely. I plan to use it again next spring.


  156. I used it on a three year old Trex deck covered with mold spots. Applied for 15 minutes, brushed it, reapplied to resistant spots, a bit more brushing and rinsed. The decks looks almost like new. As warned, make sure the product is as new as possible. Recommend purchasing it directly from the company.Home Owner


  157. Hi: Customer in Half Moon Bay with the glass problem. Yes, the Noxon does cut the Corte-Clean off the glass (with LOTS of elbow grease ) but with the teak rail above the glass and with lots of fog every night, the glass was streaked all over again in just a week! Your answer about neutralizing with Oxalic Acid worked like a charm…and no rubbing! Oxalic acid is used for wood bleaching old wood decks. (doesn’t work very well) I sprayed it on the teak (full strength, not cut 1/5 as specified) and also the glass below. The glass immediately was horrible! But I could tell by rubbing that this was just the reaction between Corte Clean and the acid. I let it sit for 30 minuets, re sprayed the glass because it dried and shot all with a hose. I then washed the glass with dishwasher soap and let dry…PERFECT! I did twenty panels this way and it worked great….only 50 left to go but I am going to skip the Noxon and go straight to the Oxalic acid. For big jobs, where its hard to cover everything or where there is wood over glass railing, I would recommend that customers keep the Oxalic acid handy. While Corte Clean does an excellent job on Trex and teak…it can create a mess bigger than the dirty deck, especially with it’s ability to “keep on cleaning” when dampened! Thanks for the help, T. Chatham

  158. I have a Trex deck. I’ve been using Corte Clean for awhile and the mold on the deck always comes back in 4 to 6 months. I clean the deck twice a year with Corte Clean. Thanks Kevin

  159. Have tried so many products and nothing comes close to to this level of clean! I am back to being proud of my deck – as opposed to regretting it! Here are some before and after pictures! Thanks you! Julie Benati (pictures can be found in the “photo gallery”)

  160. The above comment is bandied about in the selling of consumer products however in this case it is the truth. My deck (trex) was a mess. I followed the directions to the letter and stuck with the recommendations for several applications. Yes, I used other cleaners first. This spring I reached the proactive stage of using Corte. From now on the job, 2 or 3x a year, will be very easy. Peter Sola Columbis, MD Home owner
    Columbia MD

  161. Six or seven years ago, my husband and I decided to install a composite deck because we were tired of refinishing our cedar deck every year to keep it looking nice. Unfortunately, nothing is 100% maintenance free and our deck started getting spots everywhere and started turning green and black in sections where there is a lot of shade. We tried regular soap and water at first, then tried some other products from local stores. Nothing was removing the spots or all of the dirt. I did a little research online, came across this product, and decided to give it a try. Last weekend, my husband and I used the Corte Clean product for the first time. What a difference! Our deck almost looks new again and all of the spots and dirt have virtually disappeared. I am someone who has very high expectations and this product actually left me pleasantly surprised. Definitely worth the money and a few hours of your afternoon.

  162. I have been cleaning my composite decking for 3 years now using a “commercial” grade cleaner. A month ago my husband had 2 emergency surgeries & as a result cannot do a lot of physical work. The deck needed cleaned & I was dreading it because it meant scrubbing with a brush many times which killed my back. I was surfing the net & discovered your Corte*Clean site. So I bought 3 bags. WOW…YOUR PRODUCT IS A LIFE SAVER. I JUST SPRAYED THE DECK, LET IT SIT & HOSED OFF. AND I DISCOVERED THAT ALL THOSE YEARS OF SCRUBBING DID NOT EVEN GET ALL THE MOLD SPOTS & GREASE SPOTS FROM THE GRILL OFF. MY DECK LOOKS LIKE BRAND NEW. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  163. I used Corte Clean for the first time last summer and again in the fall. It was hard work but my deck was really bad. It did a wonderful job. I used it again this summer and will use Corte Clean again this fall. It was much easier to use this year and stayed looking good, very little black mold. Thanks Corte Clean. G. Dougherty Ashtabula, Ohio

  164. The only problem I can see with Corte Clean is the company lacks repeat business because IT WORKS SO WELL!! I cleaned a very, very dirty Trex deck with ingrained mold a year ago. Just as explained, the more it rains, the better the deck looks. One year later and the only reason I am purchasing more is because of a small spot of dirt acquired recently. This stuff is fabulous!!! St. John, US Virgin IslandsOwner

    Online Vacations, Inc.

  165. To the owner My name is Mark Vicini and I have used your product for years. I have over 2000 sq feet of outdoor Trex composite decking in the state of Florida. In the past I had purchased your product from a retailer and it worked but not as well as this last time. I called in and spoke to a gentlemen named Greg who was very informative. I explained to him how I applied the product and he told me their was a much easier way that was more efficient and worked better. He was kind enough to ship it to me USPS and personally packed the 12 bags so I could get it on time as I had a big event planned for the following week. I followed his instructions to the T and reviewed the video on your web site just before I started working on the deck. Attached below is an example of the deck. I will be doing more of the deck in the coming days and will share you the finished deck. These first pictures are wet and the second set are dry. Thank you for producing a product that does what it claims to do. Sincerely Mark Vicini Stuart FL

  166. Hi, I used CorteClean on my Trex decking that had a significant amount of black mold. I was a little skeptical about the product. It really was as simple as spraying on with a little light scrubbing and spraying off. It worked GREAT. My deck looks like new again. Will use again.


  167. I live in the Northeast and have a 1st generation Trex deck that is about 10 years old. I have found no other product that is as effective, simple to use and works on all types of stains. If you have a composite deck, you must buy this stuff! Homeowner

  168. I could never get the black spots off our composite deck. This product made it look like new. We didn’t even have to scrub.

  169. Our Trex deck was so bad, we hired a professional to clean it as whatever we tried didn’t work. The person that came out to do the job used CorteClean and it turned out to be an unbelievable transformation. He told us how to order it and to keep our deck looking this good recommended that we do it twice a year but at half strength. This has worked very well and it is an amazing product. We discovered it quite by accident and I do fault Trex for not making their customers aware of the fault of this composite deck. Apparently the Trex decks are made differently today but as ours has been here for about 15 years or so, we had to make do with what was here. We would highly recommend CorteClean and also would encourage users to keep up with the maintenance. This makes it much easier. Also the customer service is outstanding. We were given advice on how to make the job easier and have been very satisfied.

  170. Picture from Twitter says it all. I’ve been using #CorteClean for 5 years now.

  171. Corte*Clean really does work-IF used according to instructions.
    The Composite Deck Cleaner Site and the directions printed on the bag could not be clearer on that point.

    Well, when I buy a $40 bag of deck cleaner-I make it a point to follow all of the directions-implicitly. Cleaned this deck for a customer. It was Pretty hard work-the deck wasn’t exactly maintained. The results were soooo worth it. Cleaned better than I imagined. Customer was very happy.

    Doing another deck-in much worse shape- in a week or so.
    will keep you posted!

  172. Have had this Rhino Board deck for 10 years. Have used evrything the manufacturer recommended. Nothing ever got it truely clean. UNTIL NOW ! ! The mold was extremely bad this year and the Corte Clean got rid of it. Was really overwhelmed at the ease at which it went on and how quick it worked. Just follow the instructions.
    Can’t say enough about how good this product worked. Would recommend it to anyone with a composite deck.

  173. The one think you have to realize when you are cleaning your composite deck is that there is no one try cleaner that works….none. When I first used this product yesterday on a large grease stain I applied it once, twice and didn’t get any result I started looking around for another product to try. I’m a contract that builds homes and does a lot of decks. I called my supply rep for one of the major decking products I use and asked him if he new of any product that would cure my problem. His response…there is none. So out of frustration I tried a third time with Corte-Clean using a bristle brush to scrub it in. After the third time I started to notice the grain in the deck. About 45 mins later and after the seventh try the stain was completely gone. Deck was like new. I had stains around my grille on the deck and got the same results. Did the rest of my deck and dock and the finishing result was nothing but amazing. As a contractor there is nothing more satisfying then buy a tool or a product and have it do the job it claimed it could do. This product did exactly that. The one thing I strongly recommend is that you don’t give up after the first application. It may take you more or less then the number of applications I used, but it does work. Let me add, I have nothing to do with this company. Don’t know the owner, any employees and other then buying their product I have no relationship with them at all. I just feel the frustrations of all those who were in my situation with no place to turn. If you have any questions or need reassurance feel free to reach me at I’m John

  174. In 2009 we built our deck using timber tech twin face composite. we were aware that all composites had mold issues. We had ideal conditions with full sun ,no trees, didn’t cook on it , and had proper pitch for water runoff. Cleaned it every spring and fall with ordinary household products and for about 4 years had no real issues, then the black dots started. Tried to power wash it along with several deck cleaners but none would do the job. Around year 7 it was getting really bad especially when it rained. Came across corte clean and gave them a call. Tech support was great and had all my questions answered.Ordered one bag just to test it out.
    I had a few problems but was able to correct them. The first was your supposed to keep the corte clean from drying for a min. of 20 minutes,but I had a hard time because i sprayed it on in the middle of the day in full sun. Corrected that by applying it the next time in the late afternoon. The next was the sprayer i bought sprayed in a fine mist and it took too long to wet the deck. Corrected that by drilling the nozzle hole larger. Other than that the product worked great. we were afraid it would bleach the deck but it didn’t.There was a little color change where the black was but we’re sure it will even out from the sun. To us it doesn’t even matter because the deck looks way better without the black mold. Our timber tech deck is now 8 years old and looks great again.
    We are totally satisfied with the product. It did what it was supposed to and we would recommend it to a friend.

  175. My husband and I used the Corte Clean Composite Clearner this weekend on our lake home deck. This product worked. It removed deep stains and brought out the deck’s beauty. You must keep the product wet and let it sit for about 20 minutes. I wish I could show all the pictures especially the before and after but I could load only one.

  176. I’ve been using Corte Clean for five years and very pleased with it. With the Trex and Georgia’s weather, the mold stains get very bad. I’ve used a lot of the other composite deck cleaners with bad results. At best they appeared to clean in the beginning but the stains return in a short period of time. I’ve found following your instructions produced the best results and noticed by doing a regular cleaning program it made the job easier and kept me ahead of the mold. THANKS – R.S. – Jonesboro Ga.

  177. I have a 12×15 Trex deck. It gets moldy in Iowa. I’ve had it for about 8 years. I use to buy Corte Clean at my local Ace Hardware in Davenport, but they no longer carry it. I’ve found it works better when I get it from the company. I just found an empty bag from 2017 in the garage, which i guess is the last time I cleaned it? I’ve been real satisfied for years. I just ordered more. Mr. Miller

  178. I purchased this product, based on recommendations.

    I had blackish spots on my light grey composite decking. I cleaned it throughly, but still had these darn spots. I searched for how to remove these spots, and saw a lot of recommendations of this product.

    I followed the directions for this cleaner, and could not believe the results. It’s foams up the dirt, and then you just rinse it away. Tougher spots need a little agitation with a soft brush, but that’s it. Attached you can see the cleaned boards and next to it, the spited boards I hadn’t cleaned yet. What a difference.

    I have already repurchased this product, in anticipation of cleaning my dock, since it is eco friendly, and plan to reclean everything in the fall. I highly recommend this product. It did exactly what everyone said it would do.

  179. I have used Corte Clean for a few years. It is so easy to use and very pleased with the results. My deck is gray and when the dark spots start to appear Corte Clean removes them completely. Very happy with this product!

  180. My Timbertech deck was built in 2006. I have tried many products, some made me sick and killed my plants. I have used Corte Clean for about 10 years. It is non toxic, no dead plants, no headache. I love the fact that it keeps working long after I apply it. The attached pictures were taken on 19 October 23. The last time I cleaned the deck and the railing was in June. The first time I cleaned the deck boards there were some black spots that happened over time. I did have to go over those twice and use a deck brush. Now they are gone. Also the white railings developed some black oxidation. As you can see that is gone as well. I will never use anything else. Dublin, OH

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