This Product Absolutely Rocks

As I rule I don’t expect exterior cleaning products to do much — especially when they come with a green / “eco” label. We have new TimberTech decking at the front and rear of our house. We live in the Pacific Northwest so damp, mold and mildew are inescapable and after one year of life the decking looked awful. No amount of scrubbing or pressure-washing had an effect. Then I learned about Corte-Clean on a web message board for dissatisfied owners of composite decking… other homeowners said it was the only way to get their decks looking new again. My wife ordered a canister, we applied it this weekend, and… wow. Incredible! With only moderate brushing the mold and mildew was GONE. The decks look GREAT. Wish we had taken a “before” pic because ours looked worse than most of yours… and ours looks better now than most of your “afters”. This stuff is TERRIFIC. We will not stop buying it for anything. The results knocked our socks off! I’ve tried pressure-washer additives, bleach solutions like “30 Seconds,” etc. and you can’t tell what difference they made if any. Your product actually performs better than you promise! So rare these days to find a consumer product that exceeds expectations! I never see you advertise, and I understand you have to pursue a tricky retail strategy when your stuff is shelved next to a bunch of $9.95 alternatives, but… Corte-Clean is a BARGAIN at the price and we are telling our friends. Thank you.  

Tom Farmer Homeowner 

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