You have a winner. TimberTech® Satisfied Customer! 

Dear Corte-Clean, April 23, 2008 You have created a winning formula and product for composite deck cleaning. I have a very large TimberTech deck that I installed myself three (3) years ago. During this time, the deck has accumulated an abundance of black mold. Every year I have gone through the very exhaustive and frustrating process of attempting to clean this black mold along with a general cleaning of other molds and stains. This was always unsuccessful. I have pressure washed using a variety of products advertised as “deck cleaners” and even recommended by the manufacturer. I will not mention these product names but every one was advertised as a deck cleaner for both wood and composite decking. In every case, these did not work. I am an accomplished do-it-yourselfer and was really frustrated that this deck could not be cleaned. I was questioning my decision to put in composite decking and whether the advertised benefits of composite decking maintenance was all a hoax because it looked terrible. Three weeks ago out of total frustration, I called TimberTech complaining about how the product looked, that I couldn’t get it clean and that I was ready to proceed with the warranty claim route. At this point, they recommended I try Corte-Clean, the first I had ever heard of your product. I ordered your product and applied as directed and was pleasantly shocked with the results. It totally removed all the black mold stains and renovated the deck to a like-new condition. I did a small area first and showed my wife and she was equally both surprised and pleased with the results. This was simply mix, apply, and in some cases use a stiff push broom and then hose off. No pressure washing or on the knees scrubbing as I have tried previously for 3 years without results. One heavy black mold area required 2 applications as expected. I am a very satisfied customer and glad I that discovered your product. I will recommend this product to anyone who has a composite deck. Using wood deck cleaners that say for use on composite is a total waste of time. Your team has developed a formula specific for composite decks that works. It does exactly what you advertise. Thanks for saving my deck and eliminating many hours of frustration. You have a winner.  

R. Funk Sharonville, OH 

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