I have been cleaning my composite decking for 3 years now using a “commercial” grade cleaner. A month ago my husband had 2 emergency surgeries & as a result cannot do a lot of physical work. The deck needed cleaned & I was dreading it because it meant scrubbing with a brush many times which killed my back. I was surfing the net & discovered your Corte*Clean site. So I bought 3 bags. WOW…YOUR PRODUCT IS A LIFE SAVER. I JUST SPRAYED THE DECK, LET IT SIT & HOSED OFF. AND I DISCOVERED THAT ALL THOSE YEARS OF SCRUBBING DID NOT EVEN GET ALL THE MOLD SPOTS & GREASE SPOTS FROM THE GRILL OFF. MY DECK LOOKS LIKE BRAND NEW. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! 

P Fowler 

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