Not as great as it sounds

I used CorteClean a month ago, did a great job cleaning the deck, looked brand new, but now one month later spots are back and worse than before. I would not recommend this product. KATHY (NOTE FROM Corte LLC: Corte Clean is a cleaner; ONLY! This is stated on the Corte Clean label directions and its web site. Corte Clean does not claim to prevent stains, especially those caused by people/pets/wildlife/etc. or other naturally occuring environmantal conditions such as mold, which are likely the “spots” KATHY is referring to. Additionally, Kathy likely has other mold issues surrounding her composite deck that she needs to resolve that are likely spreading the mold back to her composite deck. Examples of these are likely her roof, siding or other items surrounding her deck. Corte LLC has not found any product that prevents mold stains from returning to composites. For what Corte LLC has proven effective in keeping composites clean, please see the Corte Clean “FAQ”. Any person that ownes a composite deck in an area with high mold spore counts, that receives frequent moisture, as predicted by; The Weather Channel, may have the return of mold stains if they do not proactively clean their composite of the mold spores before they have a chance to live, grow, cause ugly “spots.” Corte LLC posts this “Testimonial” because we do not want any person that is considering purchasing Corte Clean to have any unrealistic misconception about its performance or that the composite will never get dirty and need to be re-cleaned at some point in the future, when the owner deems necessary. We wish KATHY would have read the Corte Clean website or contacted Corte LLC before she purchased Corte Clean. Corte LLC DOES NOT want any person to be dissatisfied with the purchase or performance of Corte Clean.)  


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