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I installed a $70,000 Trex deck because I believed it was “No Maintenance”, paying approx. 3X mor than wood. I purchased this material because I use to own a deck maintenance company that manitained wood decks for approx. 5 years. I did not want to maintain my own deck. Within the first year I began to notice black mold spots all over my deck and grease stains from a steak that I barbicued. I quickly learned that claims of “No Maintenance” were not true. I then tried to clean my Trex deck with common deck cleaners and chlorine bleach that were and still are recommended by Trex. It made me sick to my stomach when they did not work after wasting valueable time and money purchasing and using these toxic, corrosive products. I eventually found Corte Clean on the “Trex Mold Technical Bulletin” and requested the product at “Ace Hardware at Lake Gaston” in North Carolina with Bill Owens (252) 586-0330. He got the Corte Clean for me and told me that “he had been looking for a product that actually worked for cleaning composites because his customers were reporting that the cleaners he currently carried did not.” (His customer service was excellent!) When he got the Corte Cleaner in, Bill called me and I purchased it. I then carefully read and followed the Corte Clean label directions. It worked exactly how the label described and I reported my results back to Bill! I am now recommending Corte Clean to all my friends who own Trex and other brands of composite decks and letting them know where to get it. I have only one question for Trex… Why would Trex not be up front about the need to clean Trex with Corte Clean a couple of times a year instead of recommending toxic, dangerous, corrosive cleaning chemicals that do not work??? Although I am not happy that Trex is not “No Maintenance”, at least I now have a safe product that resolves my Trex cleaning issues and am now reolistic about the need to clean my Trex a couple of times per year. North Carolina 

J. Mckinny 

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