TREX Corte Clean Review

I used Corte-Clean about 2 weeks ago for the first time on my Trex deck. I followed the directions exactly and the product worked as advertised. It removed all of my mold and the “black spots” that had built up over time. The one issue I have is that in doing it’s job, the product also removed some of the original coloring of my deck. The color is now faded, or “bleached”, if you will, a much lighter shade than it’s original brown tone. I do not know if this is normal, given that I have had the deck for 2 years, and this is the first time I am cleaning it. I must say that this was unexpected and a little disconcerting. My deck looks much better now than before I used the product, however, it is not the original color I started out with – I guess this is the trade-off you live with in having a Trex deck. (Note from Corte LLC. Corte Clean can speed up the natural weathering process of some composites. The sun will naturally bleach/fade/weather composites. Corte Clean will not bleach/fade composites more than the sun would naturally, over time. Many customers that have previously used sodium hypochlorite based products in an attempt to clean TREX or older weathered TREX have reported that it restored some of the composites origional color. All TREX customers see “WEATHERING” link @ before using Corte Clean. We have found that TREX weathers by about 2/3 from its origional color over time or if Corte Clean is used to clean tough stains. Unfortunately, TREX owners will have to make a choice, Corte Clean stains from their composite and potentially speed up the weathering process or live with the stains.) 

J. DiPalermo 

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