Caution When Buying Corte Clean at Lowe’s , etc. 

Been using Corte Clean every Spring & Fall , to remove the black mold from my Timber Tech deck ( 7 years old ). Corte Clean does an amazing job on my deck and makes it look like new everytime , but as I went to clean the deck this afternoon with Corte Clean purchased yesterday from Lowe’s it wasn’t working. Turns out when I inspected the package closer , the sell by date was June 2011. When I called Lowes they acted like I was from outer space telling them that the Corte Clean on their selves was out of date!! Called Corte Clean and they confirmed that these Home Improvement stores are giving Corte Clean a bad name by not rotating stock , and the product going out of date. Lesson learned , I’ll buy direct from Corte Clean. Thanks to them as well for sending me a fresh bag ASAP so I can finish cleaning my deck with the awesome results that Corte Clean provides!! 🙂 

Erick Filbert 

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