We had a 550 SF Trex Accents deck installed in 5/08. In May of 2009 we saw a lot of mildew spots all over the surface. We had some Corte Clean that we purchased in May 08 when we bought the deck. We used that according to the instructions. (Product was now about 1 year old.) It took 4 applications and a lot of work but the 3/4’s of the deck I cleaned looked good. Since I was out of the product I went down to Lowes and bought some fresh Corte Clean. Just finished cleaning the remaining 1/4 of of decking. In only 2 applications and not much effort the deck looks like brand new. Spoke with Greg at Corte Clean. He told me the new packaging keeps the product fresher, using fresh stock, and a few changes to the product made it work better. My deck looks better than new. A few tips however. Make sure you use fresh Corte Clean-Their is a use by date on the package. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!, I found it works much better in the sun than the shade.(Follow the instructions) Thanks Greg! Will be ordering more next Spring to do my deck as well as my sisters  

Don H. 

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