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sorry for this long message, but it takes words to say it all. I built my Trex deck in the Spring of 2007. I was so proud of how it looked with the saddle brown planks, and the darker Madeira (?) railings with saddle balusters. It looked gorgeous. Last Summer, 2008, it still looked great, although as expected, there was some fading from the sunlight. Over last Winter, dark spots started to appear, and got worse as we moved into this Spring. I was disgusted to look at it, but though it would come off easily. Stupid me. I could not get it off. I have a pressure washer, but was hesitant to use it on the Trex. I did try the pressure washer in an inconspicuous area of my deck; It took off the surface dirt, but would not touch the dark spots. I searched for deck cleaners on the Internet, and found all the stuff the stores carry, plus Corte-clean’s web site. I read all the testimonials, and thought “yeah, right”, anybody could make up those stories. I was in real need to clean up my deck for the 4th of July, so I placed my order for the 6 lb container of Corte-Clean. I followed the instructions to the letter. Although I did have to do some scrubbing (more than just a little), I could see the spots disappear a I scrubbed and rinsed the cleaner off. Amazing stuff. I wet down the plants around my deck fisrt; they did not get damaged at all. Funny thing is, after a few days, the deck even looked better. there was some **very** light spotting left after cleaning the deck and it was till wet, but it has rained a few times since the cleaning, and there are no more spots at ALL. I am super happy. And thanks, Greg for your super fast replies (about 15 minutes or less!) to my emails. Greg even called me on the phone to answer a question. Super product, the best customer service I ever experienced from an Internet vendor. Bob L Ronkonkoma, NY 

Bob L retired 

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