Why purchase FRESH Corte Clean???

In August 2011 I purchased a bag of Corte Clean, recommended by Lowe’s Home Center to clean my Trex composite decking. My one year old deck was covered with dark spots which I later found to be mold. I followed the product instructions precisely but was totally disappointed in the results. It was nothing like the video on your web site. My deck is about 500 square feet. I cleaned it in 5 sections. It took me about 3 hours to spray it on, let it set for 20 minutes, lightly scrubbed it and rinsed it off with water. The spots did not go away. I called the Corte Clean customer service number and spoke to Greg. He asked if I followed all the proper steps which he went through. I assured him I did. He asked what the “use by date” was and I told him it was August, 2011. The date I tried to clean my deck was August 19. His thought was the product may have lost its potency. He therefore sent me a complimentary bag. About a week later I tried cleaning my deck again and this time with totally different results. As soon as I sprayed the Corte Clean on the deck surface it began to foam up. That didn’t happen the first time. I let it set 20 minutes. I lightly scrubbed it and rinsed it off. The mold spots were gone. Now I can also say “this product does work”. I want to thank your customer service department for sending me the complimentary bag. Even though I wasted one afternoon attempting to clean it the first time it was well worth the extra effort the second time to get it cleaned properly. I will definitely use Corte Clean again and have already recommend it to other people. Sincerely, G. Harris Dearborn Heights, MI  

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