No amount of bleach would remove

You make a wonderful product!! Our atrium floor was covered with black spots that no amount of scrubbing with bleach or other cleaning materials would remove. I found Corte Clean on the Internet and read your detailed website several times. The pictures you had on the website of the spotted composite decking looked just like my atrium. So—I ordered a box of Corte Clean from my local big-box store, and eagerly looked forward to using it. When I picked it up I discovered that the product was outdated, and over a year old—no good! So back to the Internet. I called Corte Clean directly and spoke to a charming young man, who is one of the principals in the business. Since we were in a family business we are happy to support this type of enterprise. He sent me the requested product immediately, and lo and behold—it did exactly what it promised to do. The black spots are gone from our atrium, and I am again a happy homeowner. We will continue to use this product to keep our composite decking clean, even in Florida where we get torrential summer rains. It is not very often that a product actually does what it is supposed to do and you can deal directly with the people who care about their product, their business and the success of the consumer in using their product. I do not hesitate to endorse this product and suggest you try it for your composite decking. L. Werner Boca Raton, FL  

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