best I have come across.

Today presented the first opportunity to once again clean my deck since we had communicated late this past June. I must say that your product is without question the best I have come across. I was quite concerned this past spring when the results were nothing like the first time I used Corte Clean. And being unable to get to the cleaning due to weather conditions not being favorable, I was somewhat concerned when I began this morning (it had not been cleaned since spring 2010 and the mildew stains were quite pronounced in several areas)–I shouldn’t have been!! The results once again were astounding!! My deck looks like it did the day I put it down!!! Thanks for a truly wonderful product. I will order from your website again next spring in order to get the ‘freshest’ product available. Thanks again for not only your product, but also for following up on my concerns. A most satisfied customer, M. Donauer  

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