DistributorTimberTech Trex & Tamko decking

We are a distributor of TimberTech, Trex, and Tamko decking. After selling Corte Clean over the past four years, and having not one failure or disappointed customer, I have what may be my first failed cleaning. I have actually applied Corte Clean myself to a three year old deck and it restored it nearly back to the original color. I have had great results with your product, even after someone has used a bleach based product on it. I have seen very limited, short term results with the sodium hypochlorite products. Dennis Clifton General Manager Central Lumber Sales – Omaha Branch 402-891-1614 NOTE FROM CORTE LLC: WE DON’T WANT ANY DISSATISFIED CORTE CLEAN CUSTOMERS. CUSTOMERS THAT HAVE ISSUES MUST CONTACT CORTE LLC OR WE CAN’T HELP THEM! NOT ONLY DO WE WANT TO MAKE SURE EVERY CUSTOMER’S COMPOSITE IS CLEAN, WE WANT TO MAKE SURE THE CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDS HOW TO KEEP IT LOOKING THAT WAY AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE COST WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME AND EFFORT. CORTE CLEAN FAILS FOR 3 REASONS. 1.) THE CUSTOMER DOES NOT PURCHASE ENOUGH CORTE CLEAN TO CLEAN THE COMPOSITE. 2.) THE CUSTOMER DOES NOT READ & FOLLOW THE CORTE CLEAN LABEL DIRECTIONS. 3.) THE CUSTOMER DOES NOT CONTACT CORTE LLC IF THEY HAVE ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE USING CORTE CLEAN, WHEN THEY ARE USING CORTE CLEAN, OR AFTER THEY HAVE USED CORTE CLEAN, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH ITS RESULTS!!!!! The reason Corte Clean failed is because it was beyond its “Best If Used By” stamped on every bag. Corte LLC took care of the customer. 

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