Does not pollute fish ponds or kill critter

Seven years ago, we decided to replace our worn-out patio with a deck. We talked to people who had recently installed decks on their houses and interviewed two highly-recommended carpenters. All of them talked up the advantages of the new composite decks. Though they cost about a third more than wooden decks, they would more than repay the initial expenditure through their lack of need for any maintenance over the years: no cleaning, pressure washing, sanding, scraping, or re-treating. The one local company carrying composite decking materials recommended Trex. They did not even carry a cleaner for composite decking, they said, because it never needs cleaning. I perused the Trex website, which pretty much echoed the lumber company: no maintenance required other than an occasional hosing down. The deck was built with Trex and looked great. Come the Spring, however, it looked like an old wreck. It had areas of slime, mold, sap,and rust. On the web I saw many postings from people who complained about their so-called “no maintenance” deck. I called Trex, who lied that they had never said no maintenance, only low maintenance. They told us to buy PSC, a new cleaner formulated especially for composite decks and which contained no bleach, was non-polluting, and would not harm animals or plants. We tried Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware; none carried the cleaner or had even heard of it. I called Trex again, and they offered to send us some PSC. It was the only promise they ever kept. Our handyman, Danny, used the PSC to clean the deck, and the deck did look better but was still unsightly because the stains, though lighter, were still completely visible. Three days later, four of our fish and two of our plants in a small pond next to the deck were dead. So much for no harmful chemicals. Our backyard runs down toward a large pond owned by the complex and harboring fish, turtles, and frogs. We decided not to use any more PSC to protect both our critters and the ones in the lake behind us. While checking the Web, I came across several postings by people praising a product called Corte Clean for their composite decks. I ordered some online. Danny was so thrilled with the results that he called us out to see. The deck looked almost new again, vibrant and stainless. When fall rolled around, I tried to order Corte Clean again online but had trouble with the website, so I phoned. I told Greg I wanted to order Corte Clean because it does an amazing job, does not stink, and does not pollute or kill critters. He said he was so pleased to hear all those plaudits. With gratitude for a great product from an honest company, Dr. R. Sosis Cincinnati, Ohio  

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