felt compelled to write

We have Trex decking. After reading your testimonials, I feel like I’m being very repetitive. However, I was so impressed with the results I felt compelled to write to you. Before I used Corte Clean, I had used three different deck cleaners without any luck at all and the next recommended product contained bleach, something I did not want to use. My three products were a Wolman brand, Simple Green brand, and Krud Kutter. I decided to do some research on the web and happened upon your site. My deck was horrible with mold – so bad I thought it was ruined and it’s less than three years old. I decided to purchase Corte Clean instead of the recommended bleaching cleaner and it really was amazing how the mold disappeared. The directions for use are right on and very simple. Corte Clean worked so well, in fact, I told my brother (who is in lumber sales) that if anyone ever asks him what to use to clean their composite deck, ONLY recommend Corte Clean! I just wish I had some “before” pictures because the “after” looks brand new – can’t thank you enough. L. Gorrasi Cincinnati, Ohio  

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