Rain about 300 days a year.

My name is J. Carr, we had our home built two years ago, we have a Timber Tech deck all around the house with steps in the front of the house and a bridge in the back. We live in Waimea Hawaii on the wet side of town. They call it the wet side because we get some form of rain about 300 day a year. Our deck developed these dark spots (mold) the size of a penny or smaller, in a search for a cleaning product I contacted TimberTech on the Web. They listed Corte Clean as an recommended cleaner for their product. I contacted Greg #! at Corte Clean and asked about his product. I did not take before pictures but the ones I sent to Greg are the after. I found the product easy to use and you can see the results. I highly recommend the product if you have the composite product on your deck. (See after photos in Media Photo Gallery) 

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