Different Cleaning Procedure

Hello, We have a TimberTech deck that is 3 years old. From the very first we have used Corte Clean as our sole deck cleaner and have learned a lot in the process. Just so you know, our deck is on the north side of our home in western Oregon–it is nearly always in the shade, and mildew is a big problem. That said, we love our TimberTech deck and currently use a different cleaning procedure than stated on your website, which we find to be MUCH easier and just as effective. This is our method: 1. A day or two before cleaning, hose or blow deck clean. 2. On cleaning day, make sure deck is dry, and ideally choose a cloudy day that’s not too hot … in the 60s is perfect. 3. Sprinkle dry Corte Clean over a section of the deck, then very lightly spray (mist) with water from a hose. Use a long-handled stiff brush to scrub the Corte Clean and water into deck boards. 4. Continue this process on subsequent sections of the deck. Periodically, go back and re-spray and re-scrub previous deck sections, giving time for the Corte Clean to work and always keeping the deck moist. 5. Finish cleaning by using a strong spray from the hose to thoroughly rinse the deck. Our experience shows that this easy method works absolutely as well as your Corte Clean instructions. But, we do not have to deal with a pump sprayer, measuring, mixing, etc., and we find our method to be so much quicker and easier! Note that we do use about double your recommended amount of Corte Clean for our deck square footage. We found, however, that this was necessary as well back when we followed your cleaning procedure. May I add a couple of quick comments after spending time on your website … I really like that you do not promote use of a deck sealer. I appreciate your up-front comments on why you do not recommend such a product. Thank you for Corte Clean! Sincerely, C. Teegarden  

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