ChoiceDek Cleaned With Corte Clean

We replaced our wood deck boards with Choice Decking 3 years ago. So happy to not have to deal with splinters and staining/sealing every year. It looked beautiful. Then the following year we began seeing dark gray spots all over the boards. I tried all sorts of cleaning products and not one made a difference. All I could think of at that time was that we had spent so much money on a ‘maintenance free’ product but yet here we were looking at a most depressing sight. We made excuses to our friends and family on its appearance. We finally went on line to see if we could find another product that we hadn’t tried before. I came upon a testimonial from someone that showed before and after pictures of his composite decking. The before pictures looked just like ours. I found a store that carried the product (25 miles away) and was glad I did. The product worked a miracle! I have raved about this product and recommended it to anyone that would have this problem. I am no longer ashamed to have family and friends over. Thanks Corte Clean! Sonia Martinez, Woodbridge, VA  

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