Success Cleaning Veranda Composite Deck

My brother and I installed a Veranda deck purchased from the Home Depot in the Spring of 2008. The deck began to get stains. I was told to use chlorine bleach to clean it. I refused because I am well aware of the risks. I tried several other deck cleaning products purchased from the Home Depot. They did not work at all. I complained to the store manager and she offered to clean my deck with chlorine bleach. She did and it did not remove many of the stains from my new deck. The manufacturer of Veranda, Fiber Composites LLC, then recommended Corte Clean. Corte Clean was then used and my Veranda deck now looks beautiful! It removed mold, tannin, grease, oil, and red dirt stains. It did not smell of toxic chemicals. I will be using Corte Clean whenever my Veranda deck needs to be cleaned because it actually works without all the risks of using chlorine bleach or other toxic polluting chemicals to the health of my family and two dogs. S. Erwin, S. Carolina 

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