Great Product…Great Customer Service! 

I’m a repeat user of Corte Clean. I already knew how well it worked, but I recently had the chance to experience their exceptional customer service after using Corte Clean that I purchased from a local retailer. As soon as I started to apply the product, I could tell it wasn’t activating properly. At that point, I checked the package and noticed that the retailer was selling expired product. I called the company the next day and found out that Corte Clean, like other chemicals, works best when it is fresh, and that retailers should be rotating their stock to avoid selling old product. A no-charge replacement of fresh product was promptly sent to my house and I can’t wait for my Trex composite deck to be clean again! I learned my lesson…be sure to check the date and order online if it’s not fresh. Thank you for the assistance. 

J.C., Lake Zurich, IL 

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