Moldy Trex Deck in Florida

To the owner My name is Mark Vicini and I have used your product for years. I have over 2000 sq feet of outdoor Trex composite decking in the state of Florida. In the past I had purchased your product from a retailer and it worked but not as well as this last time. I called in and spoke to a gentlemen named Greg who was very informative. I explained to him how I applied the product and he told me their was a much easier way that was more efficient and worked better. He was kind enough to ship it to me USPS and personally packed the 12 bags so I could get it on time as I had a big event planned for the following week. I followed his instructions to the T and reviewed the video on your web site just before I started working on the deck. Attached below is an example of the deck. I will be doing more of the deck in the coming days and will share you the finished deck. These first pictures are wet and the second set are dry. Thank you for producing a product that does what it claims to do. Sincerely Mark Vicini Stuart FL  

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