I “Googled” reviews for Corte Clean

I have had my composite decking for about 4 yrs now. This past summer I to have noticed “black spots” on my decking. I went to Home Depot and described the situation to them and they sold me some “Krud Kutter” That did not help! My wife said to try Soft Scrub with bleach, still did not help. My wife felt sorry for me because I had to do so much scrubbing. She called the company that manufactured my composite decking (WeatherBest) They told her that “it sounds like your decking has mold on it”!! They told her that the only product that they tell people to use is “Corte Clean” Well, I “Googled” reviews for Corte Clean and for some reason one click brought me to this site! In some of my searches I have also found out that the companies that manufacture composite decking did NOT do their homework as far as mold & mildew getting into the composite decking, and the ads for “No Maintenance, & Low Maintenance” are misleading to the public!! I also feel that I was lied to, but I am NOT going to take the decking out and replace it with anything else! But I also agree with the gentleman from J.P. construction who said all decking needs some maintenance! I did try the Corte Clean 3 weeks ago. I have a upper & lower deck behind my house! I figure about 600 sq. ft of composite decking! It only took about 2 hrs of my time (No Scrubbing) to clean my deck!! On Corte Cleans website they have “before” & “after” pictures of decking with mold & after cleaning and this is exactly how my deck looked!! This is just to tell you people that there is a product that will get the mold out without any scrubbing!! Bay City, MI Denny From a blog Dated: 2009-10-09 https://www.greenerbuilding.org/product_detail.php?cid=25&pid=13  

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