TimberTech Stains Resolved!!!

I first tried other products and remedies such as Simple Green and pressure washing to clean my tan TimberTech deck without success. I actually believe that pressure washing made the mold and mildew problems worse by driving it deeper into the pours of the composite! I then purchased and used Corte Clean composite deck cleaner when the manufacturer recommended the product. Nothing else worked except for Corte Clean, especially when used with a Gilmour sprayer. The sprayer is the ticket along with the Corte Clean! Corte Clean did a great job although it took several applications and a bit of elbow grease on our stained deck. Fast forward 6 months, our deck got stains all over it again. We again used Corte Clean. The stains came off with far less effort for our second Corte Cleaning. I just purchased another Corte Clean container as I am sure I will need it again as the humidity is high here in Pismo Beach, CA and mold & mildew is an issue. Great product and easy to use! James M, Pismo Beach, California 

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